What’s Importance Of Goals?

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Nowadays everywhere there is a trend about goals. Everyone is giving guidance about to keep goal. In them so many achieve their goals by using  lot of ways & so many didn’t achieve what they want? Why did this happen?  

When we are deciding our goals at that time only we are deciding considering our self only. We are not thinking my goal could be complete when everyone’s cooperation can get me.If co-operation is not there I could not be get success anywhere, so when we are deciding our goals we need to decide all types of goals, not only personal goal.  

Now we shall discuss what are the types of goals or needs?

1] PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS: To achieve all goals we have to fulfill compulsory need  of food, clothing, shelter etc. It is important to fulfill these needs for our survival, only when we fulfill these needs then we can move to satisfy other needs.

2] WHAT NEEDS FOR OUR SECURITY We need emotionally, mentally & socially a safe environment. Needs like steady employment, health care safe neighborhood etc.

3] SOCIAL NEEDS: Without acceptance of society, we can’t live in society as man is a social animal. We need affection, belonging, friendship, family, romantic attachment etc. People are doing lot of work & effort to accept them society or to get respect in society.

ESTEEM NEEDS: Our self-esteem needs social recognition & accomplishment our goals are centered on fulfilling these needs & raising our self-esteem.


Personal Goal: Personal goal improve your relationship with yourself. If you are satisfied with your self-improvement your outlook towards society will be  more positive.

Goals For Your Health: Your body is only thing that is truly yours, everything else is materialistic.

Health goals deal with things that will directly or indirectly affect your health.

GOALS FOR COMMUNITY:  We take lot from our community & it is our duty to give back something to our community. These goals help us to understand social responsibility in a better manner & help you serve the society. The right way to engage in accomplishing community goals is to take help of family & friends to achieve them.

GOALS FOR YOUR CAREER: To make career in the field which I like require best planning & hard work. These goals help us to give identity, strategic objectives & appropriate activities for skill & career development.

GOALS FOR FINANCIAL STABILITY:  Without financial goal, we can’t get wealth & satisfaction. We live in a world that functions on money. Determining financial goals gives us right direction & helps us figure out ways to reach there in time.

GOALS FOR THE SOUL: Spiritual goal makes mind peaceful .It affects our decision. Setting spiritual goals helps you to lead a peaceful life in any situation.

When one gets spiritually awakened the ramifications are felt in the daily life as well.

We need all these goals to make our life meaningful.








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