Why Did Emotional Sensitivity Lost?





Where has gone sensitivity?

Sensitivity  takes man near to God. It is the best virtue of human being. WE can’t identify human being without sensitivity . It creates humanity original love, purity real happiness, simplicity etc. Sensitive man never attracts externally to the material things. Every time he is calm & quite . He attracts people towards him. I think he doesn’t matter about money also. He never makes his protection with money. It brings understanding  also.

There is a proverb “ Sensitivity brings creativity” or my creativity depends on sensitivity. Nowadays this sensitivity is losing from everyone’s mind. I understand it when I observe myself.

Now we will see why did it is lost from everyone’s mind ?

WE know that money is best solution of life. Without money, we can’t do any work or we can’t lead our life. So we need money & this is also one type of energy. If this energy lost we can’t make any  confirm place anywhere . Without money, we have to suffer lot of times. & there are lot of inventions. we need all these material things, if we do not have material things no one is giving value to us we have made this atmosphere & so everyone is turning to material things & if I have all the things I would be happy “ is become the definition of happiness. & by this definition also sometimes people doesn’t realize satisfaction & peace then I understand that ‘’Oh! Where we have lost sensitivity ?

Original love brings sensitivity & we are indulged in lot of important activities there is no time to think about my family. About my relationship about people, about neighbor’s etc.

So many times people compare their happiness with the people who had achieved lot of success in his life,& to achieve like him he is losing lot of things like sensitivity, humanity etc as he want to reach there & It brings lot of sorrow or sadness also.

It is very good thing that so many people are working on it, like Amir Khan, Nana Patekar, Makrand Anaspure in India. And our political leaders, some social workers etc But I want to realize them intention of them should be bring sensitivity not to be bring popularity. I think without real sensitivity we can’t bring popularity also.


If we want to be popular then we have to make place in the peoples mind & heart not outside. We feel outside very nice if I have lot of popularity & money but what is the way to bring it no one is thinking about it.

We know that there are lot of people who are popular like, Daud Ibrahim our leader Chhagan Bhujbal, Tejpal, Vijay Mally. Etc. Can they make place in people’s mind or heart ?.


So to bring sensitivity we have not need to think but realize some concept of life.

Self-realization brings sensitivity.



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