Today’s Women In Modern Generation



Today’s  woman in modern generation . I think this title itself telling us lots of information about today’s woman.

If we will observe today’s woman in a 360 angle we would understand following points.

1] Today’s woman is giving more importance to the carrier, profession, so she became full practical woman. Some where she has to lost emotions, some cultural activities, compassion, love etc.As she wants self identity, so she is keeping more attention on self identity.But some how it is effecting on family life. Distance in relationship or some another feature. She herself also not getting contact of her parents or of any relationship . I mean we are forgetting our real life, when our parents are sick or affected by any dieses we can’t keep their care due to our carrier or profession. We want to do it but we have to left it. They also need our love or care but we can’t in case this is not for only parents but our close relatives, close friends  etc as we become practical. 

2] In case there is huge amount of knowledge everywhere  so she is totally mature. She has the power to adjust, power to accommodate, power to control, power of concentration etc  Everywhere she can face lots of problems & situations easily. Today’s woman is not a single woman but she became ‘’Ashtabhuja’’ She can handle lots of task at one time. As she is aware every time consciously.

3] Her education itself increased her all  expectations  means in the family everyone wants she should be prompt, she should be hard work, she must have discipline, she must have to attend her responsibilities.

4] In office also boss is expecting more work from her , he also expect from her discipline, responsibility etc.


5] In society also everyone is expecting from her as more senceior   lady  means she is well educated then there is no question. She should handle everything properly, means front person is thinking that she knows everything then I am free. Why did I could take any type of tension?

6] If everyone is looking to her with this perception then how is the life of that matured women? In case this situation happens only the ladies who are more responsible, having more understanding, more prompt with discipline nature.

In this situation she must have to keep attention on her mental & physical health as well as she must have to be happy.

If any lady may be not happy insidely she must have to pretend outside that ‘’I am always happy if not?……..

pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ''QUOTATIONS & STORIES'' book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc ,instead of it i wrote some texts on anger, irritations, worry stress,pressure etc.

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