Today’s Breakfast Khamang Upma


Wheat Rava : 250 gm

Tomato: 1

Onion : 1

Corriander: 1/2 bowl

Green chilly: 7to 8

Cumin powder: 1 teaspoon

Groundnut: 10 gm

Udad dal   : 10gm

Hing :  1pinch

Lemon juice  : 2 tablespoon

Sugar :   1& half tablespoon

Salt : 2 tablespoon

Oil : 2 tablespoon

Mustard seeds  1 tablespoon

Water : 1/2 lit       


Bake the Rava in the pan till red color come  & khamang smell should spread everywhere. Now boil the half-lit water in another pot. Keep the pot on the gas. Add oil, heat it then add Mustard seeds, pieces of green chilly, chopped onion, tomato, groundnut, urad dal & 1 pinch Hing. fry it well. Add baked Rava in it, fry it well. Now add boil water slowly in it with stirring all ingredients. Stir all ingredients well. Keep it on slow gas to get the sufficient steam. When serve it spread chopped  Corriander on it.

Serve it with lemon pickle. see the taste of original village food with natural resources.


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