Tasty Curry With Tamarind & Garam Masala

Time      prep  cook    total

min          10      10         20

serve for 4


Water left from puran *   1/2 lit

tamarind               *     10 fruits

jaggery   *      2 tabs

masala  *     2 tabs

oil        * 2 tabs

cumin’s   *     1 tab

mustard seeds *   1 tab

coriander *  2 tabs [chopped]

Hing   * 1 pinch

home made metkut *  1 tab

  •       PROCEDURE   **   Take   water  which is remaining from Purana .  Keep pot on the gas , pour oil  heat the oil for a while , add cumin’s, mustard seeds, pinch of hing splutter it add some curry leaves fry it well . Pour water in to it. Now add garam masala, make solution of tamarind in a small bowl add it in the curry. Add jaggery , salt  coriander, heat it for few time . Don’t boil it more time ,as it will loses its taste.

pranita Deshpande

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