Sweet Potatoes Halwa


1]  Sweet potato : 1/2 kg

2]Jaggary : 1/4 kg

3]Sugar   : 1 table spon

4]Almonds : 7 to 8

5] Cashew nuts : 7 to 8

6] Elaichai powder : 1 teaspoon

7] Ghee : 3 tablespoon.

PROCEDURE  :   Rinse the sweet potatoes with clean water. Remove its peel clearly.  Make its small pieces. Keep it in the cooker for Cooking properly. Make it smooth  with spoon Now make powder of cashew nut & almonds. Keep pan on the gas . Pour ghee in it. Now add  cooked sweet potatoes , grated jaggery & powders of remaining ingredients in it. Crush it properly . Keep it on the gas for 2 minutes for steam.

Decorate it with Tulsi, it gives very nice smell as well as taste .

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