Sweet Cake For Fasting


    Rajgira flour :  1/2 bowl 

Shingada flour:    1/2 bowl

Shabudana flour : 1/4 bowl

Milk :                       1/2  cup

Jaggary :          1/4 bowl

pieces of Anjeer :   1 tablespoon

Almonds :               1 tablespoon

Elaichai powder :    1 teaspoon

Ghee       :            1/4 bowl

Cashew nuts powder :  2 tablespoon

 PROCEDURE  :   first bake the all flours on slow gas . Then add some ghee in it & bake it still khamang smell comes. Add some ghee in the jaggary & keep it to melt. After melting  keep it downside. Now add all ingredients & suka meva in it . Now add some milk slowly in it. Mix it properly. Make its dough . Pour some oil into the thali ,spread  all  dough into the thali . Keep it for cooling & after some time make its cakes.

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