Surprise Your Father on His 50th Birthday with These Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

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Surprise Your Father on His 50th Birthday with These Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Surprise Your Father on His 50th Birthday with These Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas


Age is just a number – and yes! That applies to everyone. Whether it is your mom, dad or the neighboring lady who just cannot stop gossiping about who’s going where! Everyone in this world deserves to feel special on their birthday and that includes your parents as well as that lady in your neighborhood you can’t stand. Talking about birthdays, an essential part of them that cannot be replaced is the cake. And let’s just face it – without a delicious, uniquely designed, eye-catchy cake, a birthday doesn’t seem like a birthday! In fact, if the birthday cake is not a perfect one, it is going to be a huge turn off!

Surprise Your Father on His 50th Birthday with These Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

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Now, don’t you remember your dad going through all sorts of troubles just to select a cake for you when you were a child? Whether it was a design and flavor you demanded or a sure-shot surprise from your dad, your birthday cake always used to be the center of attraction for the party. Now, it’s time to pay back and get into some serious cake selection mission for your dad’s 50th birthday. Your dad’s 50th birthday is sure special. After all, he is midway into hitting a century! Therefore, when you get a chance to surprise him with an extraordinary birthday cake, do not miss out on it. Here are some amazing birthday cake ideas to make your dad’s 50th birthday a really memorable one –

  • Trying to be a little creative in this respect will certainly pay off. You can make your dad’s 50th birthday cake look actually pretty interesting. And there are lots of ways to achieve this. One thing you can do is to try and portray your dad’s personality and nature by means of pictures printed on the cake. How? Well, start with his hobbies and then food he loves to the quotes he follows. Since getting pictures printed on cakes with edible colors is no big deal these days, you will be able to materialize this idea almost effortlessly. Any<a href=>cake delivery service</a> provider is skilled enough to make theme-based cakes. Just inquire if they are comfortable designing the theme you have selected.
  • Another amazing idea is to get him a multistoried 50th birthday cake. Now, you might say that’s simple! But hey! Don’t be routine. Use some imagination and rock the design. Yes, there is no shortage of service providers dealing in cake delivery, but you must not settle for anything less than perfect.
  • Want an amazing 50th birthday cake idea for your dad? Well, one heart-stopping design would be a cake with a hat. But hold on! It is nothing like the normal double-layered cakes. It’s actually a layered cake with the top layer in the shape of a hat. <a href=>Online cake shops</a> can deliver any shape you might be interested in. So, don’t be apprehensive, just let them know your idea.
  • Another amazing idea for the 50th birthday cake can be a cake shaped as an open book. And honestly, no one can dislike a cake like that. This cake is going to convey a huge message and your dad is going to love it for sure. You can add some dates on it your dad cherishes– like his marriage anniversary or the first time he became a dad. These little things will sure make his heart fill with joy on his birthday.

You want a big grin on your dad’s face on his 50th birthday, and most importantly, you want to see those eyes sparkling; don’t you? Well, these small ideas for his 50th birthday cake will make him break into a smile.


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