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In today’s life, this subject is more discursive. Everyone is confused about it since taking the birth of infant as when infant came into the world astrologist start to write their future. Means spirituality start from that time. But in my life, my father has made my Janampatrika when I was ready for marriage.Means up to that time my future has been developed as I am Merit in the B. ED class. Now i understand that ”How we are going through spiritual confusion. ?”   GOD

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Before 2 days one retired professor, the author came to my home for doing proofreading of his autobiography. This person’s autobiography is very inspirational.In his autobiography, I saw to stable him in his carrier how much he had made struggle? & this struggle gave him lots of knowledge to become an author of 21 books as well as some spiritual books. I read his one important book ”Avatar Nirnay”. This book is for the existence of God, What is GOD? How did he perform his activity?  etc.

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spiritual confusion     Desiring God

We are discussing an important aspect of the existence of God. I told him ”Brahamakumari’s knowledge is deep for everything. They are explaining every aspect of life with self-realization. Then he told me this self-realization has destroyed real God.Means, I asked, then he told ” self-realization makes man full wise & every person think that ”I am a leader why did I need any spiritual leader? or any Guru’s suggestion ”? & So world started to destroying as there is no any confirm leader to show the real path of God.  Everyone is keeping faith with their convenience & they made their proper God.   Means Sikh people’s are explaining the existence of God with their experience. Muslim’s are telling ”ALLAH” is our God, Hindu’s are telling Ram is our God, Christi’s are telling ”Jesus is our God .means the persons who had to visualize their God, in that form they have got God. Then I asked them we are worshipping to Ram, Hanuman etc he told they are God-like people, not God’s.   BELIEVE

God means who never come in the cycle of birth & death. He is Nirgun, Nirankari , Nirvikari etc

Then I asked them who decided this definition? Is there any proof of it? then he told, Yes, there are 4 Veda’s they are giving all important knowledge. If you want to know the real existence of God or all original knowledge that is the knowledge which is prepared by God to run the world in a disciplined manner is the real knowledge of life.And that is only in VEDA’S.   , facebook,twitter,linked in,google+,instagram etc.,

Our all saints Saint Tukaram, saint Dnyeshwar, Saint Eknath, Saint  Tulsidas etc are giving original knowledge. Means the knowledge which came from their mind automatically without any study. They have to face lots of difficulties to give this knowledge to us. Saint has given birth to the God not as like man. So they can provide us with the knowledge which is true, & sustainable.  , SPIRITUAl

Then I keep quite & told them anyway this spirituality has made lots of confusion, quarrel as well as fighting in the world. Not only in the world but in everyone’s home also a daughter in law thinks that she has to worship her favourite God, but her husbands family telling her don’t worship this God in our home & this small point also starts to create conflict in everyone’s home as well as in the society.


But I want to explain one point where no one is clear in this world.Every person has done well as well as some bad karma.But the person who has done lots of good karma for the common people & due to his Karma the whole world is changing that person is the world’s leader. Then maybe he has done any small bad karma we have to ignore it.

Finally, I think that the person whose words, actions & thoughts are in a harmony in a present tense is the world’s greatest spiritual leader.


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I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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