My Thrilling Experience

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Amazing Courage [Real story]

When I was in 9th class we were living in Latur.  I was studying in Godavery High School & we have a room for rent. My elder brother, younger sister & I was living in a room. I was making food for them, the food which I was making was not sufficient for all. Therefore  every Saturday we had been going to our village by walking to eat nice food. As in that period, there were no any vehicles, like a bus rickshaws to my village only I can run cycle but it was a rainy season so bicycle also we couldn’t run on the road.

On every Saturday we were going to the village by walking. At that time lot of rain was there. There was not road also. All roads are filled with mud. & very narrow way in which we can keep only our one step & we have to walk step by step on the muddy ways.

My small sister was living with me for a study she was in the 7th class & our school gets over at 12 ‘’o’’ clock on Saturday. On that day we decided to go early to my village. But both were hungry so I made noodles & took it in the tiff in7747076224_0916cb5f2f_n & decided to eat on the way.

In that period there was no water bottle if you have to drink water on the way then go in any field & drink on the farm.  Usually, so many people were drinking water from the well.  In this way, we were walking & came near to well where we were often drinking water. The Rainy season was there so that well was full of water upside flowing. We can take & drink water easily by hand or with glass standing at the bank of the well. But on that day the water was


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ne downside up to 3 m.11733772684_c35a0855b9_k

Now we were a lot of hungry so we stopped there under the tree & decided to eat tiffin & drink water from the well. So we have been eating tiffin comfortably & now both had to drink water, so I saw by bowing in the well,

Water was a3m downside as compared to the regular water& that well was not constructed with cement concrete only it was made by the crush of stone & down side 2m there was one big step, nearby that step there was water.

Now who would take that water? Obviously, I have to take that water as my small sister can’t jump.

So I decided to jump down & drink water with tiffin & give it to sister & come.

So I went slowly on the step, I drank that water, I gave it to my sister & to come upside I was trying to climb that wall of the well but it fetching me downside. & the wall was so slippery that when I kept one step automatically lot of crushed stones falling downside with that I am falling into the well. I caught wall bank tightly & look to my sister for help & suggesting her catch my hand but instead of catching my hand she only laughing at me. I was abusing her some bad words but still she only laughing at me.

Now I had a lot of fear as if I will slip back side I would directly fell into the well & the well was full of water & I have not learnt to swim, now I got angry with my sister & I completely concentrated on my all strength & climbed instantly with full of confidence without fearing .

But now when I am thinking about that thrilling experience I only laughing at me & thanking  God that how he had blessed me.

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