My Method To Make Idli Masala Sambhar

 Time for soaking rice 12 hours   

          Time for soaking rice flour 1 night

     time     prep  cook  total 

     min               30      30       60 

         serve   for    10 


         Rice  1 kg 

         Urad dal 1/4 kg 

         Fenigreek seeds  2 tabs 

         sugar       1/2 teaspoon 

      Baking soda   1 tabs  


           Toor dal *   2 bowls 

            Onion * 1 big size [chopped] 

          Tomato  *    2 chopped [middle size] 

          Garlic      *     7 TO 8  flakes 

         cumin   powder    1 tab         Ram Bandhu Sambhar masala      2 tabs 

           chilly powder     *  1 tabs 

             salt                   * as your convenience 

           mustard  seeds   *   2 tabs 

              oil                      *  1/2 bowl 

Hing                     *   2 teas

  •      PROCEDURE  FOR IDALI   * Take one kg clean rice & 1/4 kg Urad dal  ,wash it with clear water & keep for soaking in a  sufficient water. 
  •      Now grind it in the mixture as like paste . Add Fenugreek seeds, some granules of sugar in it . 
  •     In the morning when you are making idali add baking soda, salt & stir it. Fermentation of solution takes place automatically & it become light to make idali . 
  •     PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR * Take the given amount of Toor dal , keep it to cook in a small cooker with enough water. Wait to get 3 to 4 whistles While cooking dal add turmeric & 1 tabs of oil in it so that evaporation’s didn’t comes out side & Dal can cook smoothly..
  •  Take down the dal crush it with spoon Nicely , make it as like paste, now add hot water in it     
  • Meanwhile you can make preparation of  sambhar . Cut the onion, tomatoes, make the paste of garlic, keep all ingredients ready to make it. 
  •    Now keep the 2 & half lit water to boil . See the dal is cooked or not. 
  •     Keep the big pot having thick bottom on the gas. Add oil in it , wait to heat it now add cumin’s, mustard seeds, curry leaves, one by one. Add onion fry it for small time add tomatoes fry it well, add cumin powder, sambhar masala, chilly powder , salt, hing paste of garlic . Fry it well till khamang  smell  spread everywhere . 
  •   At last after frying all ingredients well add dal with hot water, stir it well . Keep it to heat not for boiling . Don’t boil Sambhar more time it reduces taste & smell of  Sambhar. 


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  • October 28, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Pranita, I am so glad you visited my blog because it gave me a chance to visit your fabulous blog. I did not know about Ram Bandhu products either. Your idli sambar is mouthwatering. Have you used their chakali bhajani too?

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