Methi Paratha With Groundnut Chutney & Butter Milk

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Making paratha for lunch means something special for family or guest. We know that leafy vegetables provide lots of vitamins, iron, potassium etc. It can make digestion easily. In our area, so many people make a salad of Methi leaves. It supplies plenty of vitamins A & gives good taste to the food. Real full fitness food & gives real satisfaction.

Every year in rainy season i am planting methi in my home garden. Just i am throwing seeds of Fenugreek in the garden & it grows automatically. It has different taste.Along with i am growing coriander also. It is sufficient to me for a 2 Months.I am getting real happiness from it when i am taking it to make food from my garden,

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time    prep cook total

10    30      40


Wheat flour  *  2 bowl

chopped Methi  *  1bowl

chopped coriander   *  1/2 bowl

paste of garlic,green  *  2 tabs

chilly powder:               : 1 tab

ajawine       * 1tab

salt               * as your convenience

Hing             *    1 tea spoon

turmeric powder   * 1 teas

oil                        * 1/2 bowl


  •      PROCEDURE  *   Cut the Methi & Coriander into small pieces, Wash it with clean water.
  •                                      Add all ingredients, like turmeric    powder, hing, paste of green chilly & garlic , salt,
  •                                         Mix it properly

                                         Add chopped Methi &Coriander in it. Add sufficient water to knead it . Knead it properly by                                              applying oil on it. So that dough became smooth.
  •                                        Now make its’ Parathe one by one by applying oil on it.

We can serve this paratha with ghee or buttermilk or any pickle. It gives nice smell as well as taste.


Palak Paratha Via Cooking Palak

Time    prep    cook  total

min         20        30      50


Palak   ;     250gm chopped

coriander ;    1 bowl chopped

Green chilly ;  5  to 6

Ajawain  ;         1 tab

cumin powder ; 1 tab

garlic flakes   ; 5  to 6

Jowar flour ; 1 and 1/2 bowl

wheatflou     ;   1 bowl

channa flour ;   1 bowl

chilly powder ;  1 tab

turmeric     ;     1 teaspoon

oil ;           1   bowl

PROCEDURE  :   Take palak, coriander, garlic flakes, ajwain, green chilly in a pot. Keep it on the gas for 2 minutes to cook so that bitterness of palak will reduce.  Now grind it in the mixture to make a fine paste. Take all flours in a big thali, add salt, chilly powder, turmeric in it mix it properly. Now add the paste of a palak and all ingredients.



Take a big thali. Add all flours in it, as well as add turmeric, salt, a pinch of a hing, chilly powder etc. Now add a paste of palak green chilly and all ingredients.

Knead it properly by taking oil on hand. If you fill liquid is less, then don’t add water to it. Add some small amount of buttermilk or Yogurt . Make its dough . and make its paratha , while baking pours some oil on it. 

Serve it with Groundnut chutney







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