Instant Masala Rice With Lemon Juice

time     prep  cook total

10      15     25


stale rice    *    as your convenience

onion         *   1 chopped

green chilly *  6 to 7

groundnut *       50 gm

turmeric powder *   1 teas

garammasala      * 1/2 teaspoon

salt               *   as your convenience

sugar             * 1 tab

lemon juice      * 1 lemon

coriander        * 2 tabs [chopped]

mustard seeds     *  1 tab

oil                        *2 tab

curry leaves       * 6 to 7          ]


home made metkut *   2 tabs

  •      PROCEDURE    *  Take the rice in a middle size pot , add home made metkut, salt , sugar, lemeon juice, etc .
  • Keep the other ingredients ready.
  • Now keep  the pan on the gas , add  oil in it . Wait to heat it , add mustard seeds, cumin’s , curry leaves, chopped onion, green chilly, groundent etc in it. Fry it well . Now add turmeric powder in it.
  •            Stir the rice well & mix ingredients at first, now take this rice & pour slowly in the pan , stir it well. Keep cover on it to get good steam for it . When steam started to see with stearing at that time serve it with coriander.    
  •    This rice is so tasty that there is no need to serve any another item with it. It can finish as it is. 
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