Making Churma Laddu With Best Ingredients

time   prep   cook total

20       10     30


Waste &dry chappati’s  * 3 to 4

sugar powder             * 1  bowl

grated coconut            *  1 bowl

raisins                        *    15

cashew nuts                 *     5 to 6

elaichai powder             *   1 tab

ghee                               *     2 tab 

  •     PROCEDURE   * . Make the chappati’s crunchy by baking on the gas , it can break easily , keep it to cool .  Grind the chappati’s in to the mixture well,  add ghee, grated coconut, raisins, cashew nuts, elaichai powder etc .Mix it well , Try to bind laddu , if you can’t bind with this ingredients add 1 or 2 tablespoon milk . Mix it properly with the help of spoon .
  •     Instead of powder suger we can use jaggery also.

while binding  keep pressure on the material in the hand , turn your hands clockwise to make it properly.

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