Make Fasting Anarasa In A Easy Way

 Time  prep cook total 

        min    30     30      60


        Varai rava *    250 gm 

            jaggery   *     100 gm 

           ghee       *           1/2 bowl 

          milk        *         2 tabs 

 coconut [grated]*      2 tabs [as u wish]

         khuskhus   *      50 gm [ as u wish]  

PROCEDURE   *   Soak the varai in a water  for 2 days. After  2 days remove its water & keep it to dry for  3 to 4 hours. Keep attention that it could not be dry totally. Some moisture must be there. Now grind this varai in a mixture, Make it’s Rava, add jaggary in it  & mix it well in the mixture. Keep this mixture as it is for 2 to 3 days so that it could make nice fermentation. Keep it in the fridge. 

        Take this mixture in a big thali ,if it can’t make dough of it add some drops of milk in it. Knead it properly . Make its dough with the help of oil or ghee. Now take khaskhas in a another thali . Spread the small dough on the khaskhas. Make it uniform.

        Keep the pan on the gas , add some oil or ghee  in it , wait to heat the oil , after that to take the trial  add small Anarasa in to it  & see it can  fry well or not .Sometimes if we are not taking proportion correctly it will easily dissolved  in  a hot oil , so we must have to take trial. Now slowly add the Anarasa in it, do not fry as like vade ,keep flame of gas slowly & spread some oil on it in the pan . If it became red in color , remove its ghee or oil by keeping pressure on it on the side of pan & remove from pan. Your crunchy tasty Anarasa will be ready to eat it. Serve it hot.

pranita Deshpande

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