How to make date cake?



Do you want cake with dates?

Dates: ½ kg

Wheat floor: 2 bowls

Milk cream: 1 cup

Jiggery: ¼ kg

Elaichi: 6

Kaju & piste: 20gm

Ghee: 2 tablespoon this is i made  yesterday

Procedure:  First remove seeds of dates, crush it in the mixture like paste. Bake wheat floor with pure ghee then keeps it in the large thali. Make powder of Elaichi. Cut the Kaju & pasta in small pieces or if you like make its powder. Add milk cream, the paste of date, powder of Elaichi, powder of piste & Kaju etc. Stir all ingredients well for a while & keep it in an oven for half an hour.

As well as make digestion easily &it gives more calorie value so we didn’t want to eat anything after eating it. Always we will be satisfied with it.

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