How To Make Coconut Rice With Ghee

time   prep cook total

20    30    50



Rice  *   2 bowls

grated coconut * 1 bowl

ghee                 *   1/2 bowl

cloves                 *    4 to 8

elaichai powder    *    1 tab

Raisins               *   1/2 bowl

cashew nut       *     6 to 7

sugar              *    1 bowl

channa            * 1/2 bowl 

  •      PROCEDURE  *    You know that i am the crazy lady to celebrate religious program .   This item i have    made for     Ganesh Pooja PRASAD. Really i indulged in this food completely by heart & so it became very very tasty.            
  • Wash the  given rice with clean water. Keep it to cook in a  cooker. Take 2 to 3 whistles of cooker . Now off the gas. Wait to cool it . Take another ingredients  for it in a big thali like coconut, raisins, cashew nut, ghee, clove, elaichai powder, sugar etc . 
  •        Open the cookers lid slowly , take out tiffin from the cooker , make the rice free with the help of hand or spoon. Don’t crush it while making it free. Now keep the pan on the gas , pour given oil in it , add grated coconut in it. fry it well till brown color appears, add cloves in it, fry it for a small time , now add free rice in it, add channa, sugar, cashewnuts, raisins in it. Stir it well.
  •       Spread elaichai powder on it & mix it well.
  •      Taste of this rice becomes as PRASAD in temple. If we can make it for the Lord it gives very nice taste.
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