Make Bajara Uandi With Normal Ingredients

time   prep cook total

10     15       25



Bajara  * 1 bowl

wheat flour   * 1/2 bowl

paste of green chilly &

garlic        *    2 tabs

coriander     *  2 tabs

hing         * 1 pinch

salt          *     1 tab

cumin powder  * 1 tab

mustard seeds     * 1 tab

oil                       *  2 tab

green chilly          *   2 to 3

garlic                  *  3 to 4 flakes

toor dal              * 1 bowl

  •        PROCEDURE   *    Take Bajara flour in a thali, add  wheat flour in it,  take garlic & garlic flakes in a mixing pot . Make its fine paste.  Keep aside.  Add cumin powder, salt, pinch of Hing , coriander in it. Mix it well.  Knead it with water properly. Make its small dough by taking oil with hand. Now make its undi. Keep aside.

Keep another pot with water on the gas, wait to boil it, after boiling add some oil in it, now add slowly undi in it. Keep cover to cook it.Cook it well. When its appearance looks like smooth pedha then think that it is cooked well. Or to see it is cooked well, take one undai on the spoon, Break it if it is cooked we didn’t see raw flour in it, cooked undi shows smooth nature.

  •      PROCEDURE FOR DAL    *  Take the small cooker keep dal in it to cook with sufficient water, add some oil & turmeric powder in it, keep it on the gas.  Take 2 to 3 whistles, after cooking add 2 bowls hot water in it, add salt & serve it with ghee.   

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