What Gives Us Competitions?





Is competition gives us happiness?

Competition this word we are listening since childhood. But nowadays this word become famous due to increasing population & transformation of mind through globalization.

Nowadays everyone is under pressure due to ego &-pressure if anyone reach at higher post we think we are in lower position. Why did we are not accepting that this person has great potential & tremendous energy so he is at this position? Instead of this we are running in the race & due to that we are losing our original potential & catching another way to reach the goal. In this process we are getting tired &losing our original happiness& so our life’s energy become tough & difficult even we have everything in our hand.


Is competition gives us happiness?


Running in the race is not a bad thing but what about our mental condition? Why did I am running in this way? Is I am happy? Is I am getting real satisfaction, real happiness? Is I am free from stress, anger, jealousy etc.? In this case I am not telling that don’t run in the competition but when you are running learn to make your mind silence so that you will always fill inside abundance

is competition gives us happiness?

We know that since ancient time god & giant also create competition but in them they are always remains stress free & full fill & at that time they are not giving importance to the material success. So there is no question of feeling lower position or higher position.

Competition creates ego, sometimes hurt, sometimes jealousy makes man away from real & original qualities of happiness.  Sometimes I feel that why did we are not feeling inside fulfill ?we should know our original qualities of soul which are these love, peace, happiness, truth etc.

To understand all these qualities we have to become spiritual. As spirituality teaches us how to lead a life happily & successfully.

Is competition gives us happiness?

Spirituality says that we know that everything in this universe is getting destroyed & only three things are remaining as it is. Which are our soul [Atma] ,God [Parmatama] & nature [Prakruti]

If these 3 things everyone can understand clearly then where There is the question of competition? & if may be there completion but this competition is different from every competition to reach at our original purpose of life. Means this competition teaches us acceptance. Acceptance means focus on situation & solution & this acceptance gives power to go in future to solve problem.

If we know that everything or every man is working according to his  past karma then Why there is a race? & Suppose any one feels that i am a complete or perfect person then it’s wrong assumption.

Please don’t keep any assumption to be perfect or complete.No one in this world is complete or perfect.So accept ourselves as it is & enjoy your life.



is competition gives us happiness?








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