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This season is having full of drumsticks . My neighbours have a big full weighted drumsticks tree , So many drum sticks are growing in their garden  .they are giving us any time .have very nice taste,

Let us we learn here How to make drumstick curry?

time for it

prep cook total

5         10   15 min



Drumstick  : 2 having long length

onion            :    1 middle size [chopped]

tomato       :        2 [chopped]

curry leaves   :       3 to 4

oil                  :      2 tabs

cumin’s :       ;       1 tab

mustard seeds   :    2 tabs

skutt :                 1/2 bowl

chilly powder :      1 tab

salt                  :     1 tab

coriander :      2 tab

suhana masala : 1 tab

PROCEDURE  :   Remove the peel of drum stick & cut it in                                          to middle size pieces .

:  Chop the onion & tomato  & keep a side

: Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to add ,

:Add cumin’s & mustard seeds & wait to                                                  splutter it.

: Now add curry leaves, onion, tomato &                                                saute it .

:Add chilly powder, salt, scutt, sugar for                                            taste & stir it well.

: Add drum stick & fry it well .

:  Add half glass hot water to cook it well .

: Keep it to cook for 3 min & serve it with                                              chapatti or roti

NOTE  :  We are not using garlic for this as it is

very hot & it can create some heating problems in our body.            IMAGES FOR IT

green drumsticks
fresh drumsticks


chopped ingredients
cutting ingredients







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