Indian Marriage Ceremony

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What gives us marriage celebration?

I   think everyone’s dream & happiest event in the life is marriage. Since in the childhood, generally in the Indian home, everyone is preparing a life for their marriage. So many are dreaming in mind that I want to like this partner, I will be live with him like this etc …

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Marriage gives hopes so many are keeping their soul secure for the marriage of their sons, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters, Maybe your son, doctor, engineer, Priminister or whatever may be but every parent wants their son /daughter should be married in front of them.

Our Indian parents have a nice dream for their grandson’s marriage also they are saving money since in the childhood for their marriage.  Image result for images for marriage ceremony

Marriage is one type of good ambition & to complete it we must have to keep another ambition & so many are taking good education as they want their marriage life & marriage event must be happening in a good condition.

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It must have lots of enthusiasm with costly clothes, images, photos, nice glamour’s, Along with big authority people. This event shows your real status in the society. Your behaviour, how did you will behave if you have everything with you? It brings lots of people together at one time.We didn’t get this good opportunity to bring all people together in a happy state of mind at one time.Otherwise so many people are gathering to listen to a speech of leader or any spiritual leader but we can’t give any guarantee of state of happiness in people’s mind.   narrative essay on indian wedding

Here Everyone in a happy state of mind. All are in a real motivational state of mind.


This event attracts lots of inviting people. , so many people & relatives are waiting for it. As in this event, so many relatives are coming & if we will meet them, then we will get good satisfaction as well as energy exchange with a lot of happiness. This energy encourages us to make binding strong & to work better means it is one type of good motivation.If we will meet our relatives we will get good motivation from them. But it depends on you is you are taking their visit positive or negative?.

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Marriage gives encouragement to the market. In Indian marriage, LAKHS of rupees is spent only for Mehandi event. Every moment of marriage become the happiest state. Since it is from wedding event to complete marriage. If a mother has any health problem she can put her problem aside & started to work for marriage. If we will ask old people in India.They will tell you that I want to live my life till my grandsons’ marriage.If I will see a face of the daughter in law then I would be happy & satisfied to go.

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So many are thinking that life exists only up to the marriage of sons & daughters, grandsons & granddaughters, & after that why should we live? Now our responsibilities are finished, everyone is engaged in their life.

In everyone’s home, every person is deciding that in her marriage I will wear this type of sari. I will make up like this. I will enjoy with this people. Means everyone is participating in this event for a while & enjoying happiness.

So I think that marriage is the most welcome, happy, enthusiastic moment in everyone’s life. As this opportunity comes only one time in the life not so many times.


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