Importance Of Creating Mrigashiras Nakashtra

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Importance of

Mahashivratri  Creating Mrigashiras  Nakashtra

In the childhood one farmer & his daughter wonder in the farm every day. There was a big Shiva temple near to the tree of Bilva tree.. 

There was full of devotee songs, Bhjan, Keertan etc, Of course, they were the devotee of Shiva as well as they have read a lot of times a holy book of ‘’SHIVA’’ that is ‘’Shivleelaamrut’’ .In the evening they have been getting tired & sat under the tree of Bilva. Having cool atmosphere.  There were a heap and dust near to them . & some sound was coming from that was {OM, OM , OM ……..SSSSSSS } than they get astonished & turned to that heap.  The sound was coming  &  some vapours’ also coming then they have removed some dead leaves on it then they saw under the heap there was an idol of Shiva, it was cracked & that was Shiva Ling. –

Now that daughter gets worried & told to her father then her father told her to sit here silently we will see what will happen? & then suddenly they feel that an idol was talking to them. & it started to talking loudly like this ‘’Oh! Very good both you came here otherwise who can understand  I am here under the heap.Do you know why did I go underneath?


Mrigashīrsha –

Once upon a time a hunter has been seated upside the tree & waiting for the hunting & he was keeping watch on animals, birds to hunt.Suddenly he saw the female deer coming to that tree & he immediately stretches his arrow to kill her but deer was so talent & confident that she started to tell him the philosophy of human’s life & stopped to the hunt & told him ‘’I will come back after meeting my family then you kill me’’. She told what will happen if you will kill me? How did your life will get spoil? Can’t you live your life with any burden? How did you will get suffer from any diseases? How did you will lose happiness in your life?

Hunter hid in the Bilva tree

But hunter was not believing her again he started to stretch his arrow. Again she becomes more confident & started to tell philosophy of life. Now hunter gets bored & started to abusing Shiva.Then she told, Up to that you recite Shiva name but the hunter was hating the name of Shiva & abusing to him. With waiting he plucks the leaves of Bilva tree with angry mind & falling down side abusing Shivya [Instead of Shiva]  Again abusing, again plucking leaves falling downside on the body of ‘’Shiva’’

That night was ‘’MAHASHIVRATRI NIGHT ‘’Total night he sat on that tree abusing him Shivya & falling leaves on my

body.In this way, he has done without understanding him my prayer. Even he didn’t imagine also. & has done seva of Shiva with clean mind without any expectation.

Deers came back to kill them

God Shiva means I who is hidden in that cracked idol Prasanna on him.Decided to show some miracle to him.So first i have shown him full of light & made the big sound of my damru .

He is looking everywhere & getting surprised.I was hidden there for looking their drama. Now the time came to come deer & they came with their total family. Every family members of deer telling the importance of every another family member means everyone is telling hunter to kill me ‘’All other members are important, don’t kill them ‘’ Now hunter gets confusing & astonished who has to be killed here? & he understands the meaning of unconditional love so he decided to not kill anyone.

Original farm of Shiva

Now he realized the importance of ‘’Shiva ’’ name. How did he transform his mind due to abusing Shiva? Then I really came out in front of them in my original form. told them ‘’What you want tell me? ‘’I will give you everything you want. But deer family & deer told we didn’t want again death birth & the death to free us from this cycle. So Shiva brought an aeroplane sat them on the plane & take upside. Now in every month, we are looking to the  ‘’Nakashtra ‘’ ‘’MRUGH’’ in the sky. That ‘’Nakashtra’’ was made due to this story. IMPORTANCE OF CREATING MRIGSHIRA NAKASHTRA

Everyone went upside & that idol remains as it is & that idol was got to that daughter & farmer.Now there become a big temple of SHIVA. The original story is in the ”SHIVLEELAMRUT” i convert it in this form.

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