How to detoxify mind?

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  1.            In the beginning of the day, we are working on our mind that to keep our mind clean ,clear & happy  & we know that if we are happy then we can do anything with good intention . I think we never do any bad karma with happy mind.


Still, there is huge competition everywhere to do any work. Everyone wants good position, name, fame, &  money .   No one wants to lead a life with heavy load of unhappiness  but still there is unhappiness , sorrow or sadness.


If  anyone is trying to remove all these from their life but it comes in front of us suddenly, what’s the reason? OK, don’t search  for reason but learn here how can overcome it?

 To overcome it I have to learn how to detoxify it?

We know that we have a bad habit that to keep lot of dust

in mind purposely. We can say it poison or bad thoughts

for anyone since childhood .It’s obviously true as we

thinking that ‘’ACTION IS REACTION’’

If we can think outside then reaction is the best solution for detoxifying the mind.

If anyone has abused you without any reason then if you

are react with him instantly may be it’s way is right or

wrong ,you will get satisfaction.

& we are in happy mood thinking that we have succeed on him.

It is true for a while in the outside world or for a outside

person but we have to work regularly with any person &

if he had abused with you or purposely he is targeting

you with jealous mind or any reason now we can’t left

that person as he is there in your life for a long time. WE

CAN’T REPLACE HIM OR WE CAN’T move from him.

.Now every day we have to interact with him. Now if we

have not learn the skill ‘’How to detoxify mind”?. Then

we are interacting with him having lot of load & conflict

in our mind insipidly .& we are behaving nicely outside

then it creates stress &  we suffer lot of diseases like

sugar ,B.P,kidney,thyroid etc  or any diseases etc. so we

require a skill to detoxify or let go technique



Here are some points to detoxify the mind.

  1. Remove bad thoughts for others who has reacted
  2. with you purposely it is hard but turn your mind
  3. anywhere.
  4. To remove bad thoughts for others, is not easy but
  5. connect to God , or recite any mantra for a while .
  6. Talk with him instantly keeping your mind clean &
  7. great.
  8. Ignore him or forgive him forgiveness is good for us
  9. not for him.
  10. Keep attention on our work don’t try to show any
  11. one I am right, he is wrong.
  12. If your intention is right & you are really true there
  13. is no need to expose it outside as true is always true anywhere.
  14. Keep in mind I have to do nice work for others not
  15. for me only it is not for any publicity not for getting
  16. money not for showing others that I am doing right
  17. work . There is not need of publicity for good work
  18. . It require time to propagate it but automatically it spread everywhere
  19. .
  20. Be ready to accept challenges while you are working on it.
  21. Accept front person as it is as a Gods gift & find positive attitude for him.
  22. Do prayer for him regularly.


   11] Detoxification makes man positive, it creates clean

love & start to binding broken relationship  easily. It

removes wall of ego, bitterness, hatreds etc


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