Wheat Flour Upma With Less Ingredients

INGREDIENTS : For 2 people

Wheat flour  :  2 bowls

OIL              : 2 tablespoon

Groundnut :        20 gm

Cumin          :       1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds :     1 tablespoon

Chilly powder :    1 tablespoon

Salt                :      1 tablespoon

sugar               : 1 tablespoon

Kaddi patta :     7  to 8 leaves

Water        :      less than 2 bowls

lemon juice  :    1 tablespoon 

PROCEDURE  :  Bake the wheat flour in  a pan till khamang smell come & red brown color should appear to the flour.

Keep  another pan or pot on the gas , pour oil in it , heat the oil for a while . Take the Cumin on the left hand ,rub it with your both hands  add it in the hot oil , now add mustard seeds in it . wait for while to splutter it .

Add kaddi patta leaves, pinch of hing  & slowly water with keeping cover on the pan . Now add turmeric powder, chilly powder, salt ,sugar & lemon juice . Keep it for boiling .When it will complete boil add baked wheat flour in it. Stir it well. Keep cover on it & give the steam for 3 minutes .


It gives very nice delicious & different taste.

Serve it with pickle or fry chilly or sauce

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