ego problem – How to remove ego?

We know that ‘ego” is a word of 3 letters but it disturbs so many people’s life. In the world all wars, all fights are occurred due to an ego. Ego makes a man blind or mad. Egoist person thinks that i am only true & all world is nonsense. Like this thinking need to taste why did this thinking come into my mind? What type of ego am i carrying everywhere? How to deal with ego? Is it ego necessary for our life? Can we live our life without an ego, we will discuss here. Can we solve our ego problems here?

When I feel I am superior that creates a superior ego. In this situation I create aggression, loud, anger etc. & when insecurity, hurt, sensitivity, pain is inside me over a period of time then it creates inferior ego.

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ego in relationship


Ego means it is an attachment to a wrong image.

Everything is mine is also one type of ego. Ego means low self-esteem.


Anger, jealousy, criticism, hatreds, are the types of ego.

Now a day’s everywhere there is a discussion of an ego. Everyone is talking about ego. Everyone also knows, if we will reduce our ego we will become a nice man.

Ego is a

We know that all relationships are spoiled due to an ego. Maybe a relation of parent-child. Husband-wife, father mother, sister brother, friends etc.

attitude of ego

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3 letter ego



Yesterday I heard one conversation it is that one lady is talking about anyone’s call to her friend  “ I called her yesterday she not calls me back then why should I call now?  She has to call now, every time I only call to her.’’    No matter she is my elder sister at least she should call one time in a weak.  Now I can’t call her maybe she shall keep a relationship with me or not, I don’t bother about it.

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meaning of ego


This type of conversation we are hearing everywhere but we know that like this conversation block our energy. Flowing of love, creativity, enthusiasm etc. & we are living away from each other lonely like animals.

How to Drop Your Ego With 5 Techniques

Everywhere there is a talking about carriers, salaries, positions, Things, etc. & we are not talking to the original man but we are talking about his position, his carriers, bungalows etc. No matter bungalows, positions have importance but first to this man or his positions. When we have a good position, status, etc then we are in a flow state but if it is not there then what is my position? What is my self-respect?

Characteristics of Ego

When a person enters to meet a chairman, first he meets the watchman, his talking behaviour is different then he meets to reception list. He is talking to her in a different another way & when he meets with a manager he talks politely, & when he talks to chairman he talks politely & silently.

In these stages, we don’t think about mans original sansakar his loyalty, purity etc. We have to give respects to everyone’s position, but we can’t disrespect to watch man receptionist all are outside persons. So who made difference? & who is responsible for ego? & who created ego in that position?

So the person who is in the good position, he thinks that ”I am sitting in this chair so i am getting respect.”& the persons who are in a lower position they are thinking that we are in this chair so they are not talking nicely with us.

So who made difference? & who is responsible for ego? & who created ego in that position?

  Ego is the source of negative energy it is created due to fear inside.            

Egoist people behave like poisons snake.

So many people spoil their relationships to protect their ego, so many are leaving their places many people are not talking to each other maybe they are living together. Ego destroys man’s willpower, it destroyer’s economic conditions, it destroys the social atmosphere. It creates long distance between people & relationship. It works as a bad conductor in everyone’s mind.




1]  Are you carrying an ego? Do you understand it?

2] Have you observed any damage in your life due to an ego?

3] What do you think about an ego? Is it necessary for our life to keep our values?

4]Have you imagind or observed your life without an ego .

5] Which type of ego give you more harm in your life.


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