Do You Know Effects Of Fear?


Effects of fear

Everyone knows that fear is the damaging thing in our life. Any type of fear makes man short tempered or sometimes mad also. I think a lot of mental disorder are creating due effects of fear.If we have fear of a snake in mind we can be fearful with his image or sometimes rope. May be courage full person also he has the fear of lot of things.

Suppose a person is bold in every field or may be he is strong internally but he has fear of his fate or his destiny.Image result for images on fear

If we will observe a lot of failure persons in life, their failure is due to their fear in mind. God has given me lot of observation power, so with my observation  I think that a lot of diseases, or a lot of problems create in our life only due to fear

Let us see what is the effect of fear?

Due to fear blood is flowing to the direction of legs & so that we could run fast & our face become totally white & pale. Our total body gets freezing for a while & some times person wants to hid some where, our brain creates vibration & we feel that what to do now?

Bio science tells that when we are in satisfied mood we create positive thoughts & become optimist, we create enthusiasm & we can act instantly & not worrying for a while.]

Physical science tells that instead of firmness body of man doesn’t make any change so that personal emotions will change. When we are happy, awesome, pleasant feeling our face become bright having cheerful experience & we can complete our work easily.

Emotions of love are very sensitive we have to handle it with loving energy & we know that the work which can do by using love that work can’t do forcefully.

Effect of love & care is greater than effect of fear & anger.

We can show depression & unconsciousness, easily on our face as it is due to fear.

Some points on fear

1] Fear creates anger; it creates a lot of mistakes.

2] It slows down our confidence as well as self esteem.

3] It creates negative energy so that we can suffer from lot of physical disorder as well as mental disorder.

4] Fear starts irregular habits as like lot of cleanness, strict discipline, and some feelings like I am right everywhere.

5] Making corruption, dishonesty is also due to fear.

6] Performance becomes weak.

7] It creates sense of poverty, losing job, something loss in business, getting fewer marks after better study etc.

8] It makes man reversible means world is going in one direction & this person is going in another direction.

9] Sometimes our circulatory system effects on our body & it produces hypertension, B. P. sugar, kidney fail, heartattck etc.

10] Fearful man never survives his life with good vibration & he sends everywhere these vibrations.

& makes atmosphere pollutes.


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