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Metkut, Palak subji, Palak pakode, Sapak dal, Rice, Curry, Puranpoli  etc

TIME    Prep        cook         total

30min      90min      120min

Serve for  3


Channa  dal :   1& 1/2 bowl

Jaggery    :     250gm

elaichai powder :  1 teaspoon

Jaifal  powder : 1 teaspoon

Wheatflour     : 500  gm


Palak :    300 gm green chopped

oil       :     250gm

cumin : 2 tabspoon

mustard seeds : 2 tabspoon

lemon     :      2

jaggery    :     20 gm

hing     :         1 teaspoon

curry leaves  :   7 to 8 leaves

garam masala for curry  :   1 tabspoon

Red chilly powder  :     2  tablespoon

channa dal flour      : 250gm

ajawain    :      1 tabspoon

SALT     : As your convenience

     PROCEDURE   : Take channa dal, dal & rice in a                                        cooker tiffin. Wash it with water. Add sufficient water to cook it & keep these tiffins in a cooker for cooking. Take  4 to 5 whistles of a cooker. Now keep it as it is. 

Open the cooker, take out slowly cooked channa dal, add grated jaggery into it, grind it in the mixture. Now take this mix in a pan. Keep it on the gas to make complete Puran for poli. Give heat to become thick & smooth. After 10 minutes keep it for cooling.


Take the palak, coriander in a pot, wash it carefully. Add few glasses of water to cook. Keep it on the gas to cook for 2 minutes, now take channa dal flour add chilly powder, salt, jaggery small stone & lemon juice  & few water, stir it & add it into the subji . Keep it on the gas for 2 min.

PROCEDURE FOR CURRY   :  Take the water which is remaining from the cooked Purana. Keep the pot on the gas pour oil into it, add cumin’s, mustard seeds, a pinch of Hing, curry leaves in it. wait to splutter it, after stopped the spluttering, add this s in the palak subj I & in the remaining oil add slowly cooked Purana water. Add  1 small stone of jaggary & lemon juice in it.  


Channa  dal flour : 300gm

ajawain       : 1 tabspoon

coriander       : 2 tabspoon

chopped palak :    1 bowl

chilly powder :     1 tabspoon

turmeric      :       1/2 teaspoon

salt             :       2 tabspoon


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