How Demonetization Is Useful In India ?

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Benefits of cashless economics

Today when we are watching T V, reading news papers, hearing gossip  every where about demonetization.


So many people are thinking that this GOVT. has not done good work, it is made very difficult to do daily routine without money.

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Some people are spreading lot of misunderstanding with poor or uneducated people

but we know that in every country every one has to face following problems for daily routine.

1] If you want to go any place we have to stand for ticket in a     queue.

2]To take admission in the college by giving our lot of money

we have to stand in a queue.

3]If we want any fuel or any type of grocessory then also we have to stand in a queue.

4]Even if we want to go in a hospital to take treatment there also we have to wait for queue.

5]Even when baby has to take birth then also we have to wait or sit in a queue.

I think  we have to accept, Queue is the main life style of human beings & it is the lovely friend of life.Then why there is tension in demonetization?

OK, That’s all

If we want to reduce queue or if you are getting bore by standing in queue then we have to turn cashless economy

We know that in INDIA there is lot of corruption due to 500 & 1000 notes. As all cash [unwanted ] was stocked at home to avoid & it is known as black money.

If we want to stop this then  we have to stop all business

with these notes.

Now this time ”NORWAY, DENMARK  ,SWED AN  is utilizing this method.that is cashless business.

The business which is not depend on cash it is only on online transaction is known as cashless business.

 Benefits Of Cashless Business

1] To avoid duplicate notes

2] To stop producing black money. It happens in online transaction also but it can catch easily.

  3] To print notes & to distribute it also very risky & time consuming ,it has to do lot of expenditure.

But digital medium require less expenditure & less time.

4] Stealing of notes,fighting, losing of money can avoid easily.

5] Here also one type of fraud that is known as cyber fraud but it is less in comparison to all.

6] All professions are noted in the computer & so digital payment is good to everyone. 


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