Dal Palak Khichadi ,Curry , Chutney.


Time For Khichadi

TIME     Prep   cook total

min          30      25       55

Served for 4   


Palak  :     100 gm [chopped]

coriander : 1/2 bowl [chopped]

green chilly :” 2 to 3 [pieces]

Garlic      : 4 to 5  flakes  [pieces]

Garam masala :   1 teaspoon

Salt       : 2 tabspoon

Moong dal  : 1/2 bowl

Basamati rice :  1 bowl

oil      :    2 tabs

mustard seeds, : 1 tabs

Cumins   : 1 tabs

turmeric : 1 teaspoon

curry leaves  :  3 to 4

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 PROCEDURE : Wash palak & coriander

                              : Keep the cooker on the gas. pour oil                                     into it .

                             :Add mustard seeds, cumin, garlic                               flakes pieces, curry leaves, palak leaves                        & coriander.

                        Fry it well. Keep the water for heating                             on another gas,

                  Now add slowly hot water into the cooker.                         Add salt, masala, 

Palak Khichadi (Spinach Rice)face book,twitter,linked in,google+,pintrest,instagram tumbler, branded me etc.

turmeric powder, etc & keep it to boil. Now                               slightly wash the rice & moong dal .

:Add it to the cooker. Stir it well. Keep the lid tightly with cooker. & Keep it on medium gas.

Blow 2 to 3 whistles. wait to cool it & serve it with ground chutney.

 TIME FOR CURRY              


10 min  10      20


Butter milk : 1/2 lit

Basen flour  : 1/2 bowl [small]

Ginger :      1/2 inch

Garlic     : 4 to 5 flakes [pieces]

oil : 1 tab

Mustard seeds  :    1 tab

cumin :      1 tab

Hing :        1 pinch

Curry leaves  : 4 to 5

Salt :           2 tabs    

PROCEDURE :  Take the given butter milk , add salt,

basen flour grated ginger & sugar into it.

Stir it well. Now keep the pan on the gas pour                               oil into it, add cumin, mustard seeds, wait to                              splutter it then curry leaves, pinch of Hing ,                           pieces of garlic etc. After some time add mixture                         butter milk slowly. Add chopped coriander in it.                Wait for boiling. Serve it with above Khichadi.

Mix the groundnut chutney in a yogurt to serve with khichadi.  Give pomegranate to eat with it.


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