Dal Fry With Palak And Green Cucumber

seaparate time to cook the dal is  20 min

time     prep cook total

min    10     10     20


green cucumber   *1/2 middle size

green palak           *  100gm [chopped]

dal                     *  1 bowl

cumin powder     * 1 tab

hing                     *   1 teaspoon

paste of garlic &     *    2 tabs


Rambandhu masala  *   1 tab

salt                           *  2 tabs

turmeric                     *    1 teaspoon

chilly p[owder               *    1 tab

curry leaves                  *    5 to 6

water                         * s your conv   

  •         PROCEDURE   *     Wash the dal & keep to cook in a small cooker, add 1 teaspoon oil & turneric in it so that it could cook early & smooth as well as it couldn’t evaporate it’s bubles. Take 3 to 4 whistles of cooker . Put off the gas, Add hot water, salt,  sugar
  •  in it & keep a side.

Now cut the cucumber in to pieces, chop the coriander & palak  & keep a side.

  •    Keep the middle size pot on the gas, pour oil in to it , add cumin’s, mustard seeds, wait to splutter it now add curry leaves, hing, pieces of cucumber palak, paste of garlic &coriander, garam masala, chilly powder, salt  etc .Fry it well  , now add sloy liquid dal in it . Stir it well. Keep it heat for a while . Don’t boil it for a more time . Serve it with chapati or roti.


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