Why Did We Get Disturbed?



1] When we are emotionally weak we can get disturbed by one sentence of another person, our thoughts get disturbed, words & behavior also gets disturbed, feeling, relationships gets disturbed & this disturbed energy also has an effect on our body. All this happens for a few minute or hours or days.

2] We get disturbed with others behavior but we need to always remember that ‘’ I have to live with myself’’ others can move away from anger or hatred but we can’t move away from our disturbed energy          

3] When we allow an external stimulus to affect our state of being. Our emotional health, physical health, relationships & quality of sleep get affected our vibration of anxiety radiate to all who are around us & influence them too.

4] Our mind should be convinced that situations, other people’s sansakaras, their behaviors will not be according to what is comfortable for us. We can’t afford to get disturbed each time. It is our energy loss.

5] When we get disturbed in one particular situation our emotions strength gets depleted. Now we are more vulnerable to get disturbed when the next stimuli comes. This is why anxiety, stress, irritability osculates during the day & then during our journey of life.


6] One particular way of responding to a situation repeatedly creates a groove in our brain. After a few days this will become a habitual pattern, we can consciously respond in a different manner & create another groove.

7] My state of mind is mine may be anyone not behave like me as i wish.

8] A powerful being is not the one who is controlling others but controlling himself.

9] When a person has registering to the other person that is starting to become making conflict.

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