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Cuttingpani word itself indicates save water. We know that world’s most important problem for a lot of people is drinking water.  The best way of saving water -#livapure #cuttingpani
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In village area or folk areas, so many families are engaging to fill the water they have to waste their total day for bringing water. If we want to waste 5 min we are getting disturbed for earning money but these people have to waste their total day to bring money.

When did we will think about it? After bringing that much water they have to suffer from a lot of diseases as that water is not pure & filtered.

I saw some villages have didn’t getting till tap water. They have to bring water from the farm on the cycle or on the head.

Water Is Life: If the food we didn’t get for a while then we can serve but if the water we didn’t get we can’t service. As water is the main source of life.

Livpure has unveiled its latest campaign #CuttingPaani. Based on the concept of Cutting Chai, a unique culture in India, this campaign brings focus on the very fact that if the quench is of half a glass then one should only take half a glass of water.

Live pure has kept its latest campaign # cuttingpani . It is based on the basis of cutting chai, a unique culture in India. This campaign brings a focus that if the chai is of half glass then one should only take half a glass of water.

Agar pyaas cutting ki hui, toh full glass kyun? Bacha huya paani koi aur pee lega! The campaign intends  This is the lines of the #cuttingpani film.

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cutting chai


Commenting on the campaign, Sushil Matey, Director-Marketing, Livpure said: “According to Asian Development Bank’s forecast, by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 percent. Research also shows that 7 out of 10 people don’t finish their glass of water, which then goes to waste. Livpure was keen to draw attention to this hard reality in a simple and effective way to save water.

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cutting chai

#CuttingPaani campaign wanted to highlight the significance of drinking water judiciously. Digital, emerging as a favoured medium of communication, we intend to go all out and spread the message far and wide.”

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cutting panu #Livapure


Its very important campaign for a survive of everyone’s life. As making money is easy but creating water for poor people is very difficult.


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