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Hi friends, i  have chosen this topic purposely as I am fond of walking since in the childhood. When I had been learning in the science college I had to walk every day 5 km for tuition, college, college’s extra period etc. In this situation also i never get tired. I am studying every day till late up to 12 o clock but I never feel tired or weak.

In the case when I had been going outside by walking to my friends home for study or to chat I feel fresh & again good energy is creating with me to do the household chore or for walking & every time i am feeling happiness. This is my virtue or God ‘s gift to me that anywhere, anytime I feel happy since childhood.  I   didn’t know what is the reason behind it?But it is the case with me. As  I know walking gives good personality-Benefits

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Let us see what are the benefits of walking?

1] When we are walking our whole body is in motion so blood circulation appears easily.

2] While walking creates good positive thoughts as some hormones are created & we are happy.

BBC – Future 

3]  Walking increases creativity & so that i think while ”ASHADHI EKADASHI” in INDIA it comes yearly in August or Jully Month  so many people are going to the Pandharpur by walking as well as while they are pronouncing ”VITHALL” a good type of rhythm is creating in their body  & in the surrounding & it creates good vibrations of thought & feeling tremendous happiness. Image result for images of ashadhi ekadashi

4]  When ”Bhajankari is dancing they are dancing with good rhythm  ”That is one step is ahead & one step is back with the music at one time ” I think there is a good scientific reason behind it.As if we will decide to walk alone with this procedure we can’t walk & never get happiness.


We know that in this group a lot of poor farmers, workers are there.  It is purposely kept for GOD’S shake as without purpose we can’t participate in any activity. The best intention of ‘GOD VITHAL” is to keep people happy in any situation. This is the scientific reason behind any Indian culture. Image result for images of ashadhi ekadashi

5]  Now  scientifically we will see its benefits

walking reduces blood pressure naturally, loses weight, reducing weight removes lots of problem like thyroid, cancer, kidney, B. P. etc.

It increases Intelligence

Believe or not but I experienced so many times walking increases intelligence, it helps to supply the brain required amount of oxygen & glucose as well as it can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol & helps the risk of stroke. & so that so many astrologists tell us to take round 108 in any temple or around the tree like peepal or Umbar if you want to get success in any field.


6] So many doctors have proved that walking keeps balance in sugar level or insulin level.


7] Your bones become stronger & strength tightly, you have proof of me in front of you. I am walking since childhood every day 4 KM nothing damage to me in case i become strong physically as well as mentally.

8] It strengthens our muscles.Regular walking prevents strengthen your legs & back pain.

MAINTAIN DIGESTION     Image result for images on benefits of walking

9]  Improper digestion can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and even colon cancer. Pain in a body, muscle pain, loses sight of eyes, makes man dull, lazy etc Walking is the best solution for it.


10]   Walking is the best way to increase immunity system . Walking at least 30 minutes a day can help bolster the activities of the immune cells, namely, the B-cells, T-cells, and the natural killer cells. It helps release the WBCs at a faster rate, thereby allowing your body to heal quickly

PREVENTS DEMENTIA Image result for images on benefits of walking

11]   Dementia is a neurological condition characterized by gradual loss of memory and cognitive functions. It can eventually make you unable to perform day-to-day functions and totally dependent on others. Walking regularly at a moderate pace can help prevent dementia, improve memory, and build confidence in older individuals.


12]   Walking may or may not activate the telomerase enzyme, which is responsible for maintaining DNA integrity, an important factor in ageing, but it helps prevent all age-related problems.



13]   Walking in the morning is a great opportunity for your body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone strength and it prevents cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes type 1. So, it is very important that you get at least 10-15 minutes of morning sun exposure, and walking is the best way to do so. Get up early 15 minutes for it.


14 ] Walking can help reduce the stress levels by improving circulation, which, in turn, provides nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It also stimulates the nervous system receptors and decreases the production of the stress hormones Breathing in and out while walking also helps to breathe out the tension.


Image result for images on benefits of walking

15]   Several scientific studies have proven that physical activity can help prevent depression. Walking is highly recommended by physicians and psychiatrists to help uplift mood. So, if you are feeling depressed or sad, you should just take a walk and get some fresh air to feel better. A lot of senior ”GURU”giving advice to the devotee that go to walk outside. & I think ”SWAMI SAMARATH, SWAMI RAMDAS’ so many INDIAN saints are walking continuously.


– Caringpush

12]    Walking can also increase your lung capacity. When you walk, you breathe in more oxygen as compared to when you are stationary. This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide at a larger volume can help increase your lung capacity, thereby increasing your stamina and exercise performance. The best part is, you don’t even have to run. A medium-paced 60-minute walk (with breaks, of course!) can do the trick.



13]   Japanese scientists have found that walking can help improve the memory of older patients. Physical exercise helps to increase the size of hippocampus while a sedentary lifestyle shrinks the hippocampus, leading to memory loss.  So, walk every day to give your memory power a serious boost.


Walking regularly can also make you more active and energetic. This, in turn, can increase your productivity. Be it at school or work, your memory, agility, and your reaction to different stimuli will significantly change for the better.

Benefits Of Walking


15. Builds Social Support:

I  know before 20 years there were not more sources of a vehicle except cycle so when we go outside for any purpose we were getting so many friends whose visit we didn’t expect any time but this event giving us tremendous happiness, as well as energy & we, are living happily with this moment whole day. In this way, we are getting lots of good things while walking getting, knowing some new things

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