Benefits of turmeric



 Amazing benefits of turmeric

When we are eating food first we see the appearance of any food. If it looks good we say that today’s food has very nice taste. So turmeric is the best product to give an appearance of the food.

It is cultivated in black soil. It requires more water & cool atmosphere.It is getting in Sangli & Satara district in Maharashtra. Its plant is like banana but having a dark green appearance for leaves.Its height is shorter than a banana tree.

Turmeric is the root of this plant. When it completely matured the farmers starts to dig soil & taking out turmeric
roots. It looks likes same as ginger.

To get pure turmeric they have made a lot of process on that roots & prepare the form of pure turmeric.

Benefits of turmeric

1] It is used as a germ killer in food as well as to show the good appearance of food.

Benefits of Turmeric
2] If we will apply it on the wound it can cure wound easily.
3] When blood is flowing from any part of the body due to small injury by applying it will prevent the flow of blood.

4] It is used as a beautician product means when we have pimples or dark circles on the face by applying it with milk cream & honey, it can make best change on our face.
5] When we have lot of muscle pain & if we drink turmeric powder & ginger powder by mixing with warm water in the
early morning it can easily cure muscle pain.
6] It can used as an anti oxidant with so many chemical reaction.

7] It is producing one type of bright glue when we apply it on our body in the marriage.

8] It is the multipurpose user so it is used in every INDIAN ¬†ritual like ”Vivah”

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