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About Mobiistar Mobile 

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Carl Ngo said that this is the country where have good market for mobiles . We have a chance to run fast in the global market & give good service to the customer. The company has already made deal with    V-Sun Technologies  to handle local market. They have  started the plan in Haryana .   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l7xIHa_OJc

The handset company is focusing on the selfie camera segment, largely created by Chinese brands like Oppo and Vivo. I think they will keep price Rs 6,000-Rs 10,000 price category initially in the online channel.

Vietnamese handset brand Mobiistar is set to enter the Indian smartphone market later this month to take on Chinese brands like OppoVivo, and Xiaomi, and has decided to make India its global headquarters to run operations in other countries.   Livapure

It’s very nice opportunity to the Indian people that we have a good company mobile from another regular country.


Hi friends today’s generation is the fast generation  of  life. Everyone have to run for their life .But in this situation God has given a  good skill to our generation  to make mobiles as like ‘’MOBIISTAR ‘’ & we become happy, peaceful  with tremendous satisfaction &  this satisfaction  turns us to ‘’enjoy more’’

Nowadays  really  we are the persons  who are enjoying life in a fraction of seconds with our mobile camera . In a fraction we will go in past tense with remembering our photo by uploading on the  social media . In a  fraction of seconds we will enjoy our present with our selfie .

Do you know what selfie giving us ?

Selfie giving us good confidence  , it makes our attitude strong towards our life .It inspires to lead our life successfully & happily . It encourages us to make our life beautiful , happy & perfect with full of enthusiasm . Today selfie become real mirror of our life.

Mobiistar  has duel camera so it makes us more confident to use it . It is very easy to handle . Its all functions are running accurately. It never makes any person in the trouble.

I think today if anyone is loving to his life more as due to his selfie . His selfie gives him power to be happy & confident .May be this person is small kid , child, teen ages or  old persons. It makes man positive  & active.


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