Emergence of Sansakar


Decide which sansakar you want to use?

I have been read one story about sanskaras.  One famous author was there  & he decided to adopt one child & to give him nice sanskaras & make him the big & great person. So he went in remand home with his wife& bought one kid of 6 months. The kid was so beautiful, cute & attractive that everyone is turning to him. Now they have brought at home. They are taking a lot of care of that child. Then after 3 years, they have given him admission in the best kinder garden for good Sansa Kar.Teaching him everyday nice songs, poems, shlokas, mantras, etc. Telling nice stories of Rama, Krishna, Arjuna,etc.in this way that child also giving them a nice response to their teaching for becoming talent & clever student.      

Everyone in their family enjoying every moment of life with happy thoughts. He is good in all subjects & he is getting nice marks. Now he is learning taking care of his parents.

In this way he had been came in 10th class. Now he become matured student. He was studying regularly with full concentration. Everyone is inspiring him. Oh ! He is a great boy talent & clever ‘’ Whole school had proud on him.

At last 10th exam over & result came & he become the topper of the school.

Now there was discussion of college admission. His parents have collected some money for his ad mission. His parents want to go outside to meet his guest. So they went out side for 8 days leaving alone him at home.

One day arisen he opened  cupboard as curiosity. His parents were kept his all documents of remand home & original information in one file. He opened the cupboard he got that file. He read carefully & he understood that he was the boy of another parents. Now he becomes lot of angry & disturbing himself. He thought that this parent has cheated him & they had hidden him from his original parents. Now he was starting to hate this parents. He wants to take revenge of this parent but how? As within a fraction of second he lost his memory about this parent & start to revenging him. Now he was searching something that how to get rid from this parent. Again he was searching in the cupboard & he got ornament box of his mother & lot of money. Then he took of it & ran away from that home. Now tell me what to do that parent with their sansakaras?

Why did I choose this topic to write? As I know today everyone is aware for sanskar, to get the good sanskar for their child they are giving them admissions in big school. Involving them in personal development class. Then also after marriage that son become practical & starts to leave away from his parents.


Do you know there are 5 types of Sansakaras which are

1] Genetic & hereditary

2] from parents

3]  From environments : Means due to my will power I have sansakar to talk lie but my friends  will power creates sansakar to talk true.

4] From previous birth : when the child taking birth he brings lot of sansakaras & memory of previous birth.

My original sansakar which are peace, happiness, purity, truth, love , bliss & knowledge.

Now decide which sansakaras you want to keep?

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