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Why Did Anger Is Our Choice?

Generally we think that anger is normal, as we don’t want to do any efforts& take responsibility. We always thinks that if we do not create anger we can’t do our work fast so create anger follow negativity, create anger increase hatreds,create anger do work fast, it is our belief system.

If we observe clearly so many frustrate & depress people create more anger as they are thinking negatively.


Some times if we are not satisfied or we are not peaceful then also we create anger. If we are jealous for anyone or making comparison with another one then also we create anger.  

Main reason of anger is that when I am disturbed in conscious mind then I think that everything in the world should be in my control.

Many times I reduce my control when I am in contact with discharged people. Or if I would took any food from cruel & wicked person then  also I losing my capacity to control.

To Reduce Anger What Should We Have To Do?

     I have to accept everyone as it is.It may be situation or people.If I will angry with anyone then my original capacity automatically gets lower & my motivation also goes down & for whom I am creating an anger it transfers negative energy to him& it carry back to us as it is.So that we have to accept people or situation as it is. & be aware that how much time I have created an anger?     Image result for He who angers you conquers you.

2] Another reason for anger is that there is no choice with me without anger.

3] I create my thoughts, with that thoughts I create anger.

4]  If there is more ego or superiority complex then also I create an anger.

5]  When we are in different moods then also sometimes we create anger. If situation is good & we are in nice mood & any person angry with us then we can’t react with him. But if situation is not nice & we  are in worst mood & if any person is giving us good news also we are getting angry with him. Generally this  situation is occur in highest position officers.

So that how much time we have produce an anger that is damage to us. & we have to check by which belief system we create an anger.

Nowadays so much violence is creating in everyone’s home what is It’s main reason?   Related image

From the morning we are collecting information from news,T. V. or from news paper & we are reading ,listening all positive as well as negative news.But we keeping in mind more negative news, it creates conflicts in our mind & suddenly we became violent.

For ex. In one home one boy was sitting forcefully to recite English words, in front of him his mother was cutting vegetables with knife,her son was not attending to the reciting words .His mother told him twice study carefully or recite carefully but he can’t concentrate on it. Then his mother starting to create conflict in his mind. How is the future of my son? Can he will get nice marks in 10th? .If not what will happen? like this so many…..

Image result for He who angers you conquers you.

Means she is creating worry ,carry irritations, anxiety & anger &she gets up suddenly attack  him with that knife in his abdomen & that son was no more there .This is the real story of an anger.

This type of stories we are reading, watching everyday. It happens due to conflict in our mind.

Now we will see what is the damage of anger

1] Due to creating an anger toxins are produced in our body& so that our B P & sugar gets increased.

2]Anger spoils our relationship for ex: If parents anger with child then child creates fear in his mind,he will be switch off & his performance gets reduced & he can’t keep trust&respect with his parents.His self esteem also gets lower.

The parents who has created an anger for his son became demotivated & he can’t talk with his son confidently or keeping constantly eye contact with him & he always feel guilty.

When we are creating anger with 10 people then we receive negative energy from 10 people.


So To Avoid Anger We Have To Create This Feeling

  1] Anger is unhealthy for mind & body.

2] We have to understand that we are responsible for creating an      anger

3] I have to do any work without creating an anger that is my responsibility

4] We have to check our belief system why did I am creating an anger?

5]     Regularly meditation helps to reduce anger.

6]After an every hour check your thoughts by silencing the mind.

7] Be aware of your thoughts stop,check & change.

8] Be aware  when you are talking with dislike person

9] Make sure that your mind is clean ,clear with hatreds,jealousy,comparison.

8]Read this article everyday by making bookmarks.



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