Why Did We Could Learn Wednesday Wisdom?






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#Wednesday Wisdom

There is a proverb in INDIA that ‘’Wednesday is the day of Wisdom’’

In INDIA every day is special for special God


Monday is for Shiva.

  Tuesday is for Hanuman

Wednesday is special for wisdom

Thursday is for Gurudev

Friday – For ‘VENUS’ or Laxmi

Saturday –for  ‘’Shani Devata

Sunday     for   Sun

Monday is the starting day of week. If we will break this world

it will become Mon+Day.  Mon  means mind.  On this day we are

worshiping God SHIVA &he is the God of mind.

When we chanting the Mantra ‘’OM NAM SHIVAI’’ opposite of ‘’NAM’’ is ‘’MAN’’

Means this mantra can control our mind, thoughts, actions, &words.

   Let us proceed to Tuesday means ‘’MANGALWAR’’

[IN MARATHI] again there is a  Secret word ‘’MAN’’ in the


We are worshiping Hanuman to get the strength & power to our

mind& to do our work in a  Difficult situation

#Wednesday :   Come on we will come to our special day. It is Ccbi2IRUsAApwHIof Wisdom.A-wise-man-changes-his-mind-a-fool-never-will

But to whom we will worship?

There is also one chanting mantra to increase our talent & wisdom but I can’t write it.

To live like wise man we have to mediate or chant a mantra.

 Thursday  :        Every person need special ‘’GURU’’ or guide to lead a life successfully or happily.

In INDIA there is lot of spiritual persons who gives lot of guidance to the people.

People who are listening their guides & implementing their knowledge in their life are really leading successful, peaceful & beautiful life in any situation.


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 Friday :       Proceed to Friday .It is the day of ‘’VENUS’’. Many

people says the people who has lot of strength , power &If  there

body language is releasing  some positive  energy then they are the successful people.

Come on to SATURDAY .It is the day of ‘’Shani  Devata’’ Means ‘’Shani  planet’’ This planet really effects on  many people’s body & mind. I experienced him lot of in my life. When I started to devoting him  my life became peaceful.

This planet is the GOD of removing negative energy. When we are indulged in his Chakra,means we are in trouble,difficulties,in quarrel then we couldn’t get peace & we can’t give peace to other people also.

This planet totally effects on our mind.It  makes mind doubtful, negative etc.

Last day of week is SUNDAY. In India everyone dedicated this day to the Sun &  so it is Sunday.

Astrologers, Devotee, Saint, and Guru’s are doing worship of Sun. As it gives light to our Wisdom. It gives   Power, strength& if you will have already it  with you, automatically it spreads to all universe.

Finally enjoy all days but specially #Wednesday to lead a life happily & peacefully.


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