Dahi, Dhapate, Chutney, Mango, Pickle


1]  Wheat flour :1/2 kg

2] Jower flour :1/4 kg

3] Bhajni flour : 1/4kg

4] paste of ajwaine,

Cumin, garlic    : 40 gm

5] Ajwaine _10 gm

6]Cumin : 20gm

7] Garlic : 10 petals

8]Salt -2 tablespoon

9] Chilly powder : 2 tablespoon,

10 turmeric powder : 1teaspoon

11]  Asafoetida –

12] Oil : 1/2 bowl


How to prepare mixer of these ingredients?

Wash  your hands before making preparation of ingredients.

Take big thalis , add all flours one by one in the thali, then add paste of ajwine, cumin ,garlic etc, add chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt & hing powder . Mix all these materials with your clean


Make Dhapate with this mixture.  Serve it with Dahi, groundant chutney & pickle.

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pranita Deshpande

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