Today’s Dinner Dalfal With Khamang Bhuraka


Wheatflour :           1/2 kg

Dal [toor]  :            1/4 kg

Salt          :          2 tablespoon

Coriander :          5gm chopped

Mustard seeds : 1 tablespoon

Garam Masala :  1teaspoon

Hing :                  1 pinch

Sugar :                1 tablespoon

Oil     :                 3 tablespoon

Tomato :             1

Garlic  :              5 to 6 petals

Ingradients  For Bhurka

oil :                      : 1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds : 2 tablespoon

Chilly powder : 2 tablespoon

Seasame :            2 tablespoon


Take 1/2 kg wheat flour in a  thali. Add slowly some water in it. Knead it perfectly.  Now cook dal in the small cooker. Add turmeric powder  &  1 lit hot water in it. Now add salt, sugar etc. Keep the big pan or pot on the gas . Pour oil in it , add cumin, Mustard seeds, garlic pieces in it. After some time add pieces of tomato , fry it well add the small amount of chilly powder & 1 pinch in it & fry it well. Now add prepared liquid dal in it slowly. Stir it well . Add sugar , salt & coriander & keep it for boiling.

Now make chappati . Cut it in a square shape. Add these pieces slowly in the dal . again make another chapatti do this procedure. till finish Atta of wheat. Keep it for cooking  for a while.  & serve it with Bhurka   IMG_20170629_211206 (1)IMG_20170629_211228 (1)

How to make Bhurka :  Take oil in a small pan. Keep it for heating , add cumin, mustard seeds, kadipatta & seasame in it . fry it slowly  on the small gas . Add chilly powder & salt in it. Now tasty Bhurakha is ready to eat.



You can make this item sweet also by using ghee, jeggary , dal etc.







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