Today’s Bhojan

Koshimbir, Bhaje, Puranpoli, Mango Juice, Rice,Dal, Ghee 




1] Gram Dal : 250gm

2]Jaggary :   200gm

3]Elaichai : 4 petals

4]  Jaiphal powder: 1 teaspoon

5]  Wheat Flour  : 500gm

PROCEDURE : Soak the wheat flour in the water. Now keep gram dal in a cooker with enough water. Keep it on the gas for 20 minutes to get 3-4 whistles. after 5 minutes add grinded jaggery in it . Grind it in the mixer or food processor.

Add ELA chai powder, & Jaipal powder in it. Keep it for cooling. It is known as Puran.

Take a  small amount of soaked wheat atta     in a hand. Make its shape like a bowl. Fill it with puran.  Close it with atta completely. & make it’s poli with slow motion.

Serve it with all above food.




pranita Deshpande

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