Taste Basen Laddu

TIME       Prep           cook      to make          total

10 min       20min         10 min       40


Serve  for 4


Basen flour       :   250 gm

sugar powder       : 250 gm

Ghee           :    250 gm

Elaichai powder:     1 tab spoon

raisins          :     15 to 20


Take   250 gm chhana dal, bake it khamang till red color appears. Grind it in to fine powder .Now take the basen flour in the pan for baking , Bake it slowly on slow gas now add ghee in it & again bake it till faint brown color appears. Keep baking continuously till aroma smell comes at home. If we can’t understand it is baked or not show to senior lady in your home.

Add  sugar powder & elaichai powder, after a while make its laddu. Keep raisins on it to decorate it.


Note :1] To  get aroma smell  we are using baked channa dal so that its  flour bake early & gives nice smell too.

2] By this method we can make 100% ladoo but if not make add  2 tablespoon milk in it.



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