Surprising Experience Of Climbing Mountain

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What’s the reason that suddenly I have chosen this point for travelling in a difficult situation?.

Last year when I was posting on G+, every day I was watching some pictures & thinking about it .One day I saw a huge mountain image surrounded by so many  ‘small mountains & only I know there is a God bhagvan’whose presence is always there. It is not only in that ‘’idol’’ but really he is there .We feel it from there nature & there is control of all world.

What’s the reason that suddenly I have chosen this point for travelling in a difficult situation?.

We  started to climb it at night 12 ”o” clock , then we hire sticks from there shop. We all  of us at least 50 people .At start we saw forest at the side of steps. I heard there are lot of snakes, tigers, lions & etc lot of wild animals are also present.At first we climbed 500 steps we get tired.

But we are confirm on our decision with full of desire. So reciting ”Om Nam Shiva i ”  we  started our journey.

When we reached on the peak of the mountain. Really I feel that ‘’he is the controller’’ of all world. As there is no any temple only his ‘’charanpaduka’’ & bhagwan Dattraya  ‘idol’ is there & it has place only  10 by 10 M. If we will see it

From downside we will feel it like as a flowerpot. Only 10 to 15 people can stand there at a time.

Purpose to write this blog is everyone is deciding to live a life happily may be rich, poor, may be of age above 18 or below 18 .Since childhood to 18 years. So particular persons are deciding to  climb this mountain. I saw there, persons of age 65 who were climbing mountain happily. I think this aged persons have achieved lot of things in their life & they are in fulfill & peaceful state then also why did they have decided to climb this mountain? I saw there so many old people are climbing mountain in every month of poornima. They are doing meditation with full of devotion.

Can anyone imagine what is there to achieve? Are they taking part in any competition? Did they are getting any medal from GOVT.? or did they are getting good publicity to reach there? I know perfectly no one wants all these things. But still they are climbing this mountain. This is the surprising thing there. The small children of age 5th to  above all are happily climbing with laughing, running with bare feet.

Another surprising thing I heard there that, there are lot of caves in the mountain & near about 1 thousand Sadhu’s are doing meditation in that caves & when Mahashivratri comes at that time these Sadhu’s coming outside & making round around the mountain. Of them if 1000 Sadhu’s are there suddenly one Sadhu is absent there & no one knows about him where he is & who is that person? But definitely everyone thinks that he is the real ‘’Shankar’’ GOD.

At last we went at the top of peak & taken ‘’Darshan’’ & came downside where there is ‘’Dattadhuni’’means it is completely at 7 ‘o’ clock in the morning & it can flash only on Monday or on poornima. But people are saying that ‘’GOD ‘’ is coming from this dhuni.     

Then we decided to take ‘’prasad’’ After taking Prasad they are giving us few water to wash hands, we asked them why did you are giving less water to us? Then they replied ‘’Datta prabhu ‘’ has thrown one trishul in this area & there produced one zeal of water & that pure water we are giving to you. It is not only pure but holy also. To keep this holiness we didn’t throw one drop of water any where.

I read one holy book of ”DATTAPRABHU”  in that they have explained lot of discoveries of INDIA  as well as past birth of our lords means SHRI KRISHNA,  SHIRDI SAI BABA, our king SHIVAJI MAHARAJA etc



So we know that so many are climbing mountain with the help of rope & some one giving them inspiration to climb it, But here only GOD is inviting the people who loves him unconditionally. So many are trying to go there but lot of obstacles came in their life& they can’t reach there. So there is a proverb that ‘’some wishes are

Created by God he only helps to complete it’’




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