Where Did We Will Get Spiritual Love?

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Spiritual Love One Discovery

1) Why did I choose love today?        

2) Is love makes complete to a man?

3) Can my love is blind?

4) Is I am careful to implement my love every                             where?

5) How  I will become love full soul?

What is meant by Spiritual love?.


Spiritual  love means making close bonding to the super natural power & from this power we have to face every situation to get the success.

How much we love to supernatural soul that much we would get detached with so many things.


When we are remembering to the super natural power. We will get lot of energy & this energy gives us power, courage to face the situation.


This love reduces worries, gives experience of peace means we can become peaceful soul.

Every man’s first desire is to get the love & every person is eager to get the love from spiritual person.

The life without love is missing some hopes & sweetness, Love is the main support of each relationship. Love sees goodness & capacities in another soul. Love never sees any badness in any soul.

It does not inspire due to any emotions or any prize. It has the beneficial way.****************************************************************************************************************************

Energy of this love makes every situation light & so that there is a say that “There is a power in love to make the stone soft & smooth”


Spiritual love gives perfection to the love &brings success in any field. It brings completeness where it was broken in to pieces”?

Love is the spiritual power which makes everyone’s heart clean & clear & sends peace full vibrations everywhere.

It is the power of body, mind & wealth with selfless emotions & it produces happiness everywhere.

Spiritual love gives any time energy to make fulfilled. “.

High spiritual love finishes worries, anger, greed, ego etc.  It makes our life with full of selfless love. Good emotions of love brings out good vibrations from our inner heart feelings. Which have power of truthfulness, purity. Spiritual love nourishes to us & makes us strong.


Spiritual love is the highest identify of purity. It cannot become impure, with any mixture or any artificial love. It makes consolidate bonding in relationship & it has power to make good health, wealth etc. It attracts good people it changes front peoples mind. It is the love of ocean of God . It comes out up widely.

When spiritual love flows in our mind it emerges virtues automatically. Which gives us smile, happiness, inner satisfaction etc.


When we experience real spiritual love our eyes spreads bright glimpse & our mind become fresh & it spreads fresh look on our face.

Faith means loves another side.

To keep faith means to emerge clean love. Faith changes impossible in to possible.

  Love is the great power & so it produces faith.

In faith there should not any weakness & doubts, If any person connect with God then his faith makes his intelligent strong & perfect & it complete all selfless desire.



If we don’t want any name fame, prestige then also it gets automatically. When anyone praising us then we have to accept it lovingly & politely. When a person touches with any ego it makes person weak.

It is important to keep balance in love. This balance makes inside active & gives lot of peace.


Love creates unity in any family, in any organization , in any  union these are the greatest signs  of love.

In this world all big organizations are running due to clean love.

Generally we are thinking that to get love from other persons means we are great.But when we are giving anything without any expectation, then we get infinite fruits & in corporeal love from God but it is secret.



The spiritual loving person whose belief system is truth he always behaves nicely. Love always looks specialty & strengthen’ in other people. To keep flow of love continuously we have to delete past, hurt &old image of the person. Now our mind became clean, clear now we can perceive the person with a new way of thinking & a new behavior. This is the purpose of our life, it can learn from spirituality.


The love of clean hurt is unconditional ,it flows automatically & radiate positive energy.

To keep harmony in love, we have to keep attention on our thoughts, words & actions.















pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ''QUOTATIONS & STORIES'' book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc ,instead of it i wrote some texts on anger, irritations, worry stress,pressure etc.

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