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Respect .

When we see your capacity & accept others as it is the respect.     Image result for quotes on respect for women

If you are rude than you can’t make respect of others, as rudeness makes you blind & that is wrong ego.

Image result for quotes on respect for women  Respect means give value to the next person or front person with good behavior.

To give respect to the other peoples by accepting his social condition, or by accepting his education, by accepting economical or social prestige keep balance between self respect & other persons respect means to build good relationship.Image result for quotes on respect for women

Every person is the gift of god, & everyone has some good virtues. & we know that everyone tries to make happiness in other person but every one`s definition of happiness is different. & when we know that we are doing all this work purposely & by knowing us or without knowing us also.

Image result for quotes on respect for women                Respect has most importance in every one`s life.  we are teaching to our child  respect parents, teachers , culture , respect emotions of other persons, &so we are keeping respect of a person who is the capable of keeping respect .

Environmental science teaches as, keep respect with trees, we know that so many times people quarrel loudly but they are keeping respect also.

Our life will become good if we can keep respect of others. If we do not take anyone`s help than also we can lead our life strong.

Our life is depending on how much we are giving self respect to us if we are not giving self respect to us & not to  others  then also we can`t keep respect with us

It is the best philosophical part of commonsense.

So we will see what is the self respect?

Self respect means to keep respect of another people desire & opinion.

Respect tries to keep peace but that is not what is the wrong we know should try to understand.

So what is respect?, Respect means not make another people’s` life difficult or give anyone unhappiness do not behave him other person politely It is not acceptable but live with him with compassion, with keeping right , if he didn`t have respect with himself.

Respect means accept all different people’s opinion, respect means keep respect of other people’s opinion & being important live with compassion.



1]   Respect means behavior with other person respectfully & keeping care of his rights.

2]  Respect means make our life peaceful & special.

3]  Give co operation to others

4 ]  Keep anyone’s natural behavior safe & give him space to live life.

5] Respect another he has with him.

6] Respect means give respect & inspire him

7] Respect always keep to live away with our hurting values.

8] Respect means understand another people’s desire, needs & dreams & imaginations.

9] Respect means keep care of another people’s life & keep care of earth.

10] Respect means keep respect with our rituals, sansakaras, festivals, and rules of country & obey to the law of legal process.

11] Respect means give respect to others & take respect from them.


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