How To Overcome Exam Tension?

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How to overcome exam tension?

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Today everywhere there is a discussion about 10th & 12th exam. Parents are engaging & worrying about their sons, daughters exam. All schools & colleges are busy in making plan of exam. So many are thinking about security of papers & students have tension about exam.    Image result for images on exams tension

Let us learn how to overcome exam without any tension ?

1]   Remove this [tension] word from your mind as you have done lot of efforts through the year so keep faith on your work.

2]  Some students have problem of blockage in ans. Means they can remember half ans . & half ans forgot. So for it when you are reading ans  keep faith on you that ‘’ the answer which I am reading can remember me perfectly’’Related image

4]  Avoid over preparation as it can make confuse to you , simply think as a regular exam but I have to be prompt with discipline in paper.

5] Read  everything carefully & be aware what you are writing? About time, about answer, about marks etc.

6]  Some students are not sleeping at night for next day’s paper but it is totally wrong method. Sleep keeps everything in mind properly so after doing study you have to sleep compulsory.

7] Keep attention on your diet , exercise, avoid over exercise.

8] Avoid difficult topics before exam, read the topics which questions & answers which can you write.

9] Stay positive throughout exam. If you have any fear or doubts about your study clear it with the help of your parents or friends, or teachers.

10] Don’t mix with lazy students as they will reduce your interest.

11] Keep in mind these days are very important , so every minute, every hour is precious to you. Image result for images on exams tension


12] Make plan of your work means for sleeping 8 hours, for your self work 3 hours like this …

13] Most important is keep love& strong bonding  in relationship  with your parents & everywhere. As any argument or negative conversion also effect on your mind & it will effect on your study. So always try to take complete blessing from your elders like brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents etc.

14] Consider yourself as the shining star of family or Nation  so that you will always be motivated. This motivation gives you good energy to study & exam

15] Think yourself as I am universe , I will get what I wish

16] Universe has given me chance to make my life or future bright in the form of this year so there is no question of tension.


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