Our Destiny

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As  My Belief System, As My Thoughts,

As My Thoughts, As My Karma, As my karma,As my destiny.

Our  Destiny

Everyone knows our karma creates destiny, then also why there are problems?, So many are going to attract to the astronomer. So many are doing “ Yadna” Sanskar, doing worship ,keeping fast, walking for God with bare foot, So many are showing their hands to the Palmer’s . So many are showing their homes to the Vastushastra & changing construction of home. Some highly educated people are doing lot of work shop to change their destiny . In this way lot of people are doing lot of efforts to change their destiny. or to transform their life. We heard lot of stories for changing of destiny but no one has think that, Our one thought can change our destiny” or when we change our thought pattern everything will change automatically, We will discuss now .

To change our thought we have to change our belief systems. Which are carry since so many years we can’t change our thought. For ex there is a belief system that,’’ God is found in temple’. No one has seen real God in temple. But this belief system is carry forward & we believe on this & we can’t change our thought pattern. Like this we are carrying lot of belief systems, but for a moment let us suppose we have changed our belief system .Then we came to automotive mode of thought.


When I create my thought, I feel something, means feeling good or bad, this feeling makes my attitude, my attitude makes action & when action, repeat action it creates habit, & when I works on my habit, that habit makes my personality & my personality create my destiny.  unnamedhero


So again think on destiny, simply we have to send good energy outside for everyone keeping attention. In this method the tutor is inside with us only we have to listen inner voice of us.

There are two types of important energies in front of us

One is constructive & another one is destructive. Choice is ours, like this there are three types of thoughts 1] good thoughts

2] Bad thoughts 3] an elevated thought again there is a choice

Which types of thoughts I could select so that my destiny is my thoughts?

Obviously good thoughts make our life peaceful & successful with great satisfaction.

But how could we understand that my thoughts are good thoughts ?This is the most important question of life.As everyone’s perception decides understanding of thoughts.

But overall when we get success in any field without doing any dishonesty & corruption then these are the good thoughts.

But the thoughts which are showing direction to the violence ,or to the crime with of quarrel are the bad thoughts.

The thoughts which brings peace everywhere & sending blessing to the all people are the elevated thoughts. This types of thoughts are having to the Saints ,highest ideal persons.

So again decide which thoughts you want to keep with us to make your destiny.


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