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The struggles of life    

                                We are listening struggle word since so

many years. Everyone decides to struggle for work but no

one wants to do struggle. As  struggle gives us lot of

unhappiness, sadness, bad stories etc. So many people if

they are not successes in their field then they are easily going in depression.

              Nowadays there is a new trend started in the middle-

class family. &that is to accept death as early as possible.  As

after some years, there is a big generation gap between

parents & sons & daughters. New generation think that we

are right with our life, we have lot of money. we are enjoying

our life, we have lot of things with us, we have seen total

world so we are right with our perception we did not require

any suggestion or any advice we know everything then why

did they are giving us advice? Sometimes so many are

thinking that they are hurdles in our life.

The elder generation or parents thinking that we don’t have

lot of money, we have faced lot of difficulties but we are free

from stress as we are distributing & sharing our difficulties

to all friends & become easily light. At that time no one

become happy by listening about anyone’s problem.

Everyone try to understand other person’s problem & be

ready to help others to find the Solution & everyone thinks

that his problem become my problem & my problem become

our problem & our problem become society’s problem. So

they all coming together & solve problems with selfless love,

taking care of each other thinking that they are with us &

this problem is our problem so try to work hard for it etc.

Old people tells that in our period there is not like this

means now you are doing ‘’ every work by hiring the people’

’if any event is there all guest are

Working in that, involving in that & so they feel that all are

ours & they can also join with us. My mother is always telling

me that ‘’If any event is there we are making food for 500

people at home thinking that the people who are coming to us all are ours.

There is lot of affection & loving energy produce in that

atmosphere. That food also become tasty to eat.

Nowadays there is also a struggle but this struggle is selfish

means for me only, not for others. Why did I can do work for

others? What are they will give me? What is the benefit they

are giving us? Yes, If I will get anything from them, then I

will do something for them, If I will not getting then why did

I will do it? As we are giving first preference to money, like

this thinking making man separate & after age bar or in any

age everyone is feeling alone.

Everyone is thinking none is with me & so that we have

created distance in relationships, distance in family, distance

in neighborhood. Then who will

Think about country & so on……

This type of thinking brings insecurity, loneliness,& many

people are suffering from B P, sugar, kidney fail etc. & to

attend these people no one is there at home. So they think

that We have earn lot of money, lot of things but still we are

alone & we have to left everything here & so they are going in depression & accept death easily.








pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ''QUOTATIONS & STORIES'' book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc ,instead of it i wrote some texts on anger, irritations, worry stress,pressure etc.


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    This is often the case with those which may strictly be said to struggle with each other for existence, as in the case of locusts and grass-feeding quadrupeds. Passepartout and his companions had begun to struggle with their captors, three of whom the Frenchman had felled with his fists, when his master and the soldiers hastened up to their relief.

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