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At first when my elder son has been admitted in the Hospital for his temperature.  Dr has given me signaled that he was suffered from blood cancer. Till report has been to come. In my total family only I known about it but how can I tell to everyone?. After three days report had been came & everyone has known about his report.

In my home everyone started to cry but when I understood about his treatment suddenly I became strong controlled myself in that situation even one drop of tear also not fallen from my eyes, instead of crying I started to giving counseling to everyone.

Now when I am studying about tolerance power I realize that how tolerance power is precious in our life?

First I thought when I born God have given me only one gift that is tolerance power &in addition to that ,spirituality & some spiritual persons like B. K.Shivani & their study has given me plenty of knowledge.

Let us we shall start How to keep patience in our life?

To keep patience is not an easy work. Patience is a virtue for nourishing & protection of our life.

If you are having tolerance power means you are fit to be do this work it may be it require long time or it may be very hard to handle it.

Any work which you have given, it has to do with lot of efforts in comparison to our expectations. It may be to keep our relationship strong means to accept anything in our relationship or in your work you need lot of skills.

Any misunderstanding about your glamorous can avoid with your tolerance power.

When you are using tolerance power in your life you can not give any response spontaneously or rudely but you can give answer of any question with your tolerance power politely.


This power avoid your life’s hurdles lovingly, keeping good willing power & good emotions with you & this power brings you ahead of everyone. This power removes your ego automatically.


Definition of tolerance power means having the authentic power or ability to face any difficulty in a peaceful way with good willing power.


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It means tolerate any type of unhappiness, inconvenience to became light & be ahead. So tolerable person means the person who has lot of wisdom with lot of peace.

Tolerance power is having sour or bitter taste but its fruits are always sweet.

When there is happening lot of hard situations or hard occasions we feel that we can finish here but now is the time to start.

Importance Of Tolerance Power In Daily Life.

*.             When we keep ‘’peace’’ aim in our life then we have to adopt tolerance power.

*.             Patience is bitter in taste but its fruits are always sweet.

*.             Where there is loss of love there is less tolerance power.

*.             When there is more worried moment you can turn it into silence.

*.             It increases our hopes, expectations & Faith It makes to happen it.

*.             It is more convenience that to keep control on you instead of controlling to anyone.

*.             Make your Goals or aims & try to attach with it.

*.             Do it now so that our future can start to develop now.

*.             Any puzzle or inconvenience makes you strong with tolerance power.

*.             When other persons makes mistake then behave with them politely.

*.             When the stories are starting to happening then keep quite up to complete it.

*.             Accept other one’s mistakes.


*.             Patience is the friend of wisdom. When there are difficult situations then for patience we have to tolerate everything.

*.             If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone.

*.             Where there is less love there is less tolerance power.

*.             This is the situation that without any complains    we can adjust everything.

*.             To make like this sculpture we require thousands of blessings.

*.             What I want so I have to wait for it. My hopes & faith are telling to me that ‘keep patience’.

*.             Do now what you want to do in future.

*.             If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone.

Accept one thing that God made some situations for your good future no one can change it, no one can heal it or no one can take it. For that.

*.             Take rest in difficult situation.

*.             Be impressing with good things from outside people.

*.             Accept the entire things which are hard to handle.

*.             Hopes & faith shows only one direction to your life.

*.             To tolerance means try to keep control on your mind when you are in a stress.

*.             Tolerance power means the power which can show before any negative response.

*.             Any patients should have this chapter who must have to tolerate insult, jealousy, ego, any trouble or any pain without any complain or without anger, without irritations..

*.             It is the power or ability to suppress any kind of desire for situation.

*.             Tolerate any type of insult, trouble ,  without anger or without any irritations.

*.             When there is a hard situation at that time also anyone not lifting their aim is known as real tolerable person. He has more concentration power, power to adjust, power to join, power to take decision etc.

*.             Without anger or without depression to keep on wait means tolerance power.


*.             Guidelines for tolerance people


I am a tolerable person. I am always polite with another person & with me also when any one makes mistakes then I behave politely. When some things are in complete way means these are taking shapes now then I am waiting for them.  I accept all changes & I saw goodness in every people.








pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ''QUOTATIONS & STORIES'' book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc ,instead of it i wrote some texts on anger, irritations, worry stress,pressure etc.

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