Meaning of Lord Ganesha !

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Meaning Of Lord Ganesha!

Everyone’s loving God is Ganesha. He is the God of wisdom &intelligent.Since childhood we are listening his stories, We are worshiping him before starting our any work as thinking that he is the ”VIGHANVINASHANK’‘ GOD & saying these lines in Sanskrit
Vakra Tund Mahakaya
Surya Koti Samprabhagajanan
Nirvighanm Kuru Me Devm
Sarv Karye Shusarvada Ha”
These lines gives us inspiration to do our work confidently.
Now we will see information about his body &his every organ .
We know the story about him that Lord Parvati made one body from her skins dirty part & named Ganesha & put it in front of her door to protect her. When Lord Shankara came from ”Tapshachrya” he saw one boy was standing there for his mother’s protection.When Shankara starting to enter in his home .He refused to him & then Shankara became angry & he cut his head & he replaced elephants head & so Ganesha became different God from that time.
OKEY! Let it be true & so many years we are believing this story & worshiping God blindly. No one had put any question about it,or no one thought deeply about this story, Okey , we will see real meaning of this story.
When Shankara went to do ”Tapshchyra” means for meditation for 12 years means he had calm down his mind along with peace & when he came back he would be away from stress, anxiety, anger etc then How could it possible that he had cut his own sons head? & replace elephant’s head./?

If he could have to replace head he had been replace original head. Why elephants head only ?
This means he had cut ignorance of Ganesha & also cut his that he could live his life peacefully & happily
His stomach is huge &big means for accepting everything, to accept everything means understanding every soul as it is & showing that i am a strong person”Acceptance is for me to silence my mind” &  so that his stomach is big & different.
Now we will see six hands of Ganesha & in each hand there is a strange thing what shows it?
1]Axe:A wise soul caught axe means he has to cut past karmic account & negative sansakaras with axe.
2] Rope : Who want to walk with wisdom he should bind himself with discipline & also making binding with another soul.
3] Trishul : It shows direction of past ,present, future. When any hard situation comes in my life,i understand that it is my past karma,but now i have to handle it with present, keeping far sight to the future that its consequence will come in the future but i have to aware for it.

4] Modak : To prepare it require hard work which means constant work .It shows success,fame, name etc. When it got to me i have to keep it with humility

5] Lotus : The soul which keeps all above things in his life he will lead a life like a lotus flower.When he is doing any karma there is no attachment with anyone,he is pure &powerful soul .
6] Blessing : Anyone comes in front of him he always sending blessing to everyone.

7]Vehicle Mouse :Mouse means our inner greed .The soul which is weak then insecurity or inferiority comes in our life.We can’t understand, how it came in our life.& it became destructive

8]Riddhi & Siddhi : A soul when connected with God ,he will get automatically peace,prosperity,love ,happiness etc.

9] Ganesh Sthapana : What we have arranged in our life,that should we have to implement ,then automatically success comes.

GANESHA means wisdom is there, where my thoughts , action & words are in harmony.


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